‘We’re learning every day and it begins from birth, to value ourselves, to value our earth. The challenge is given in so many ways… Do you wonder what value you will live today?’
(‘The Essence Of Life’ ©2017 Lisa Brockwell )
Lighthouse Centre For Learning is a celebration of life and love through the values we live each day. Values are aspects, beautiful expressions of love. Acceptance, Tolerance, Compassion, Humility, Respect, Truth are just a few of the values we live through the heart each day.  
As we come from the heart, we come for the heart of ‘wellbeing!’  And as we come from the heart and mind, we come from ‘mindfulness!’  Wellbeing and mindfulness are peas in a pod; pristine energy that is life affirming and life giving.  We express this positive pristine energy through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions (through the values we live).  As we do this, we create positive outcomes for ourselves and for the greater good, for we have offered our best to the moments that be and this then adds to the energy of all life.
The Lighthouse Meaning
     The lighthouse symbolizes comfort, clear sight, healing and hope through the challenges  in life.    The Rainbow figure in front of the lighthouse is a symbol of celebration, a celebration of who we are.         We are this rainbow figure!
We are all beacons of light. When we love, we feel lighter and brighter and our energy/light brilliantly shines. We are living the positives of life and we project our light, (sometimes without even being aware of it) just like the lighthouse, through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  

Our light can guide and help others along the way, giving comfort, clear sight, healing and hope. Just as we shine our light, so too do others shine their light for us. Love works with us, through us and for us.  We are this love, we are light and we are love!      


‘Like the light in the lighthouse, I shine, I shine whenever I love!’ (‘I Shine’ ©2012 Lisa Brockwell)  


Lighthouse Books For Kids

Books are a beautiful way we teach our children life lessons.

Our book ‘My Gift of Love’ (2-6 years) presents a simple story encouraging and supporting personal growth.  Did you know the most treasured gift we may give is our gift of love? 

‘It is a beautiful book that captures the true gift of loving others and importantly, loving yourself.    Ruth – a mum

‘Where Do All The Odd Socks Go?’ is a delightful audio story, great for theme days too. The story celebrates the uniqueness of the individual, recognising that we are all odd socks fitting together in a colourful home! 

Lighthouse Music For Kids

‘Music is universal and has the power to heal in many ways’

Our songs and music are inspirational and teach important life and social skills.  Each song is golden, focusing on a particular value though other values are within the song. The songs have the power to heal and help children overcome difficulties and the fears they face in life. The songs inspire and delight, celebrating life and love and are often in the mind when needed most.  As I’ve often said ‘As we love, we feel lighter and brighter’ what a wonderful, healthy way to live!

‘Shine Your Light!’ is our first published CD                                       (a preschool/primary album with 21 songs.)

‘United As One’ album is yet to be published, though the music is used within the current Primary School Performances ‘I’m Special And So Are You’ and ‘Responding with Ability, Responsibility’.

Please note: Learning Outcomes for ‘Shine Your Light’ 
can be found by clicking on the links provided.

Lighthouse Performances servicing Sydney, Newcastle and The Central Coast

Lighthouse Music For Kids provides Values & Ethics Based Educational Performances with it’s relevance to:

  • The Social and Emotional component of the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework)  
  • Personal Development component from the PDHPE
  • Singing component of the MUSIC N.S.W Syllabus 

The performances engage, entertain, teach social skills, inspiring children to be kind and considerate, respectful, thoughtful and co-operative; living life to the full with an open heart and mind, confident in themselves; free to enjoy all that life presents!

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