I don’t know if you’ve ever ice skated, so I’ll write as if you haven’t. When you ice skate, you focus your intent on going one direction and then you push and glide – off you go.

Life is just like this, we set out our intent for whatever reason and off we go, we may fall a few times along the way, or perhaps we may sway here and there unsure of ourselves, yet still we keep our focus upon where we wish to go and the pace at which we move.

Just take a moment to consider your journey. How are you travelling to your destination? Gliding is easy, it takes little effort; the effort is all in staying the course of direction and in the push or perhaps when referencing this to life in the ‘desire’. Bring peace to your thoughts, your heart and throughout your body and glide, allowing the energy of the universe to bring about your desire.

Oh and remember… focus on what’s in front of you ‘now’ and glide through the moments that be!

Wishing you every success, peace and great joy on your journey! Know of your support and remember that you are greatly loved at all times no matter what the illusion may be… love is all ways, always there supporting your every move, encouraging you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams :)

Lisa Brockwell РLighthouse Centre For Learning 

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