New Beginnings

Our lives are full of ‘new beginning’s’ constantly we are encouraged to move forward into areas not yet travelled. As we do we grow, we grow in new understandings and we grow through new friendships. We are constantly learning ‘who we are’ within each situation and the learning never stops!

Have you begun something new today? Have you altered your patterns in any way? When we alter our patterns we create different outcomes. Say for example your routine was to catch the same bus every day, then one day for whatever reason you missed your bus.This then lead you to various new choices that weren’t made before; as previously your choice was to catch the bus… New choices are just that, new beginnings and with each new beginning we are challenged to be flexible to allow whatever it is to come our way, being open and offering all that we are within the opportunity. 

Remember my friend that ‘fear’ may enter the mind and feelings, with ‘new beginnings’. There is a saying that goes like this: ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!’ May I suggest that you feel the fear, release this fear (I shall offer you some strategies) then as you release, you allow the love that you are to take care of the rest. Love is courage, love is endurance, love is forgiveness, love is peace and love is passion just to name a few.

Here are a few ways that help release fearful patterns in life:

Be mindful that the past is the past, and the present is a gift, a gift of new beginnings. Forgive the past for all it’s ‘mistakes’ know that they were and are paths of learning and that the new offers a fresh clean slate!  Call your energy back from your past and focus on the ‘now’ moments.

Breathe – be aware of your breath, then as you become aware, with your intent breathe in slowly and exhale all the nervousness you are feeling. Breathe in the energy of peace (colour therapists say peace is the colour of blue so imagine breathing in the ‘blue’ of our lovely blue sky then moving this blue throughout every cell in your body ,and exhaling once again all that feels uneasy… Breathe in peace and exhale peace, then do this again and again nice and slowly till you feel the peace you have created.

Stomp out your negative or nervous energy… stomp with your feet as you walk, visualising all this nervous energy leaving you till you feel yourself make the change and your steps are peaceful.

Sing your favourite song or allow a positive uplifting song to enter the mind and sing this song within your mind if you feel you cannot sing out loud! Focus on the words till you begin to feel relaxed.

Focus your intent on the word ‘peace’ and call to mind peaceful moments you’ve felt within your life, perhaps just the feeling of the sunshine on your back may bring this peace about.

Think of 10 things that you love, these could be people, colours, tastes, flowers etc… 

Speak kindly to yourself with words of encouragement – ‘I support myself and I know that the whole universe supports me as I enter the door to new beginnings’ ‘I allow all that’s loving and positive to be my experience’ ‘I am loved and I am love; and I allow love to lead the way!’  ‘As I enter into the new I allow the strength that I am, to carry me through bringing great success!’ These are just a few words of encouragement. I am sure you are able to add your own!!

‘Call a friend’; and as some of the game shows say ‘call a friend’… prepare your friend to speak words of encouragement to you just before you enter your job interview or whatever it is you are about to encounter so that you feel loving support as you step forward.

Look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are all you need to be, in order to be successful  and that you are deserving of all the good the world offers!

If you feel you are in need of professional support call your health care professional to help you through the transition; help is offered in many loving ways and you are worth more than all the jewels of the earth, so be kind to yourself and ask for this help if needs be.

If you take time out my friend, I am SURE you are able to offer suggestions that have worked for you in the past and I offer you words of love now from my heart to encourage you in your new beginnings:

Be peace…

Be love…

Be happy…

Be… simply be!

Enjoy each new beginning life offers – may you understand just how wonderful and magnificent you are through each endeavour!

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning

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