The Essence of Life

 (our ‘frog’ pond)

It’s a hot day here in Australia (the water in our ‘frog’ pond was low) and I was just watering our pond, thinking of a movie I saw recently called ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ and how they’d mentioned just send ‘love’ to the Bees before going near them, which made me think of snakes etc how they only bite if provoked or hungry and other animals and insects too… when all of a sudden a bee came from behind a bush right up to my face… and of course I just sent love… it did a circle and flew away! I love the magic in my life :))

Circles for me have meaning such as ‘What goes around, comes around’ and ‘the circle of life’ Love is who we are within the circle of life! (for we’re constantly learning ‘what loving means’ from birth till death)

How is magic, ‘the essence of life’ ie Love… being present in your life today?

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning

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