So many times we offer compassion, support and good advice to those we are with. How often do we give these most important virtues to ourselves? Are we not just as important and need that special tender loving touch? We all are worthy of love and it begins with us, for love comes from within. As we acknowledge the love that resides within we see just how valuable we are. Our thoughts may not be pleasing at times yet we have it within ourselves the ability to forgive, make a fresh start and choose better feeling thoughts. Giving ourselves a hug is an outward action of what we are offering ourselves through the gift of forgiveness. As my song ‘A Hug’ says : A hug can change my day for me, it’s telling myself ‘I love me!’ a beautiful act of love.

Thoughts lead to feelings, words, actions and outcomes. We ARE with ourselves every moment of every day and it is up to us as to how we wish to live this day. This day leads to the next and the next and so on; it is our life and our responsibility to make the most of it as we choose. We are responsible for our thoughts, feelings, words and actions for no one can get behind our eyeball and be us! Every relationship that we are in is something we carry around with us. We carry thoughts and feelings about life in our head all the time; the only way we can experience life is through what we think, feel, do and say.   It is all from our perspective!

Be kind to yourself today, be gentle and loving and be the observer of your thoughts. You are able to ‘flip’ the coin and change the sentence you are thinking (or even not finish it)  to being more of a positive nature. In doing so, you come from your highest perspective;  offering loving thoughts, feelings, words and actions, your outcomes are of loving intent as you have given your best! 

It takes practice; a disciplined mind elevates one to that place where peace, harmony and the will to do good exists…

Our heart knows the truth and the truth is love.  I’ve a mantra I like to use, it goes like this: ‘Listen to your heart and allow words of love to enter the mind’ I know I’ve given my best within the moment.

Remember, you are responsible for your energy… give yourself a healing hug many, many times!

I offer you a gentle, loving hug too, may your day be just the best in every way!

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning

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