I took this photo a while ago. It reminds me of my song ‘Alexander The Dragon’. And symbolically it also reveals the message of the song… I can change what I think and feel, from being scared to being brave. ‘Think of all the things you love’ he says, ‘it’s a simple thing to do. You’ll feel so much better and your looking after YOU!’ 

Just like the rocks represent the tough times in life, the picture shows the wise dragon rising up out of the water (water symbolises ’emotions’) and taking charge, (in other words he rises above his emotions) changing from being ‘scared’ to being ‘brave’ which I mentioned was the message of the song.

We all have the ability to ‘flip the coin’ bringing ‘light’ to our fears again and again as we face life’s challenges. Courage is the ‘knowing’ that we have it within us to do whatever is necessary at the time, however it may be. It is the ‘light of love’ that lights the way.

As we let go of our fears, we allow ourselves to move forward in life and bring joy the ‘ride’ – (life’s adventures)…just like our friend! 

May you flip the coin when difficulties occur and light your path with love.

And as Alexander would say ‘Believe in yourself my friend, and follow your dreams!  :)

(Oh and I’ve put up Alexander The Dragon Song on You Tube if you’d like to hear it; you may also purchase it for the small price of $1.69 @

Courage be yours today! Lisa x

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