This morning I was thinking over my career as a Primary School Teacher and the various compliments I received along the way from fellow teachers about my teaching abilities. At the time, I shrugged them off and just went along my merry way. When interviewing for a new job, I would call back one of these compliments to assist me with confidence and it really helped.

The compliment: ‘I was employed by an Acting Principal, who when I left the school had remarked that I was the best teacher he’d ever employed.'(He employed 3 others at the time!) 

Contemplate on a compliment or two you’ve received that has helped or is helping you right now and then perhaps write down others that may help you feel more confident in the coming weeks ahead. All compliments are honouring who you truly are so  ‘Let fear be gone!   And love be in it’s place!’

May you take hold of all compliments that come your way, valuing your self worth. You are love and greatly loved my friend :)

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning


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