Today I remember I beautiful friend of mine who passed away after going through a real rough time. She had Motor Neurone’s Disease and died in her early 70’s.

My friend taught me the value of ‘courage‘. She had a difficult life, was constantly challenged with this and that, then came this disease. Throughout the time I knew her, which would have been about 5 years, she would constantly say ‘oh well what will be, will be’ and then get on with her day. She had lost an eye around the time she turned 70 yet she still would drive herself around. She had a fall going down her stairs, (she lived in a town house, with only a spare bedroom downstairs) ending up with a broken ankle. As she was healing, she had her stairs widened and once healed, despite her fears of falling again, kept moving ahead, living at the same place with minor adjustments. Again her attitude was ‘ what will be, will be’ and she would look at what she could do within the moments that be, saying ‘tomorrow will take care of itself’.

My friend also taught me to say such beautiful words to leave those close to us when ending a phone call, an email or when leaving family or friends. These simple words that say so much were ‘I love you’ for her thoughts were: ‘when I leave, whenever that will be …I know I’ve shared my love, people know I’ve left my love with them.’

I honor my friend Rhonda this very day. Perhaps her spirit is around me and I’d just like to share her last years with you as a reminder of the beauty of friendship and also what values we learn within our life’s challenges.

During Rhonda’s last days, she was comforted with the knowledge that life goes on, she could see passed loved ones and angels around her. (A most beautiful gift)  She had family and friends supporting her in her final farewell to her life down here which was just lovely. Her daughter told me (she sees spirit too) that when her mum passed over, she came to her in a dream… Rhonda was heading towards the light, then turned around, looked at her daughter – rubbed her fingers together, then clicked her heals and headed into the light with joy! (Her daughter awoke and said ‘Oh… I forgot to pay the priest for the funeral!)

My challenge to you today is to ponder on what we are learning from those we are with who inspire us?
Has their example affected our own lives in some way?

Again my friends, I am grateful for your support in my own life, reading my posts and commenting at times, sending love and wishing me well. May your journey in life be beautiful in all ways, remembering that you are greatly loved and supported. ‘Life’ is what we make of it, may you bring joy to your day; for joy takes sadness and troubles away.

I join with Rhonda in saying:
What will be, will be…
I love you :)

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning

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