I just love watching the clouds, the stars, the ocean, the beauty of the land and all it offers. Life offers so much for us to behold and cherish.

I want to share with you a picture I took of the clouds, I call the ‘Dance of Life’ In my opinion, this is an awesome representation from nature of ‘Life’s Dance’. Perhaps you may need to look a little closer to discover this dance?

Our life’s dance is unique and so very special to each of us. The dance of joy, sorrow, in fact all feelings that we offer to whatever we are encountering in life. We may dance lightly or not; we may tread on some toes or perhaps even trip. Yet with every step we take, we move according to our own patterns, expressing ourselves creatively.

Everything… ‘every’ – ‘thing’ speaks to us if we just stop, look and listen. For example a song that is playing on the radio or a sign we see may offer an answer to a question we may have just had. Perhaps a bird reminding us of too much chatter and not enough listening / to laugh and be joyful or nurture ourselves or others more etc. The ocean with its ebb and flow may remind us to release and embrace… so many wonders of nature may bring messages that speak to the heart. And yes, even the photo of the ‘dance’ speaks to our hearts as to what it is we need to hear and become aware of. As we stop, contemplate and reflect upon the thoughts we’ve been having; how we are travelling and how heavy/light we’ve been viewing life, we bring our a greater awareness of what makes us tick into the ‘now’ moment. We gain a greater understanding of why we act as we do, perhaps even having a greater awareness of our how our thought patterns are influencing the current situation. Reflect and progress offers us moments of insight as to how we wish to proceed and take the next step.

May I suggest you open your heart, your mind and your very being ‘be-ing’ to life; for as you do, you are opening to receiving the grace, the ‘beauty’ within life. You then go beyond what you see, to what lies behind and beyond the masks of illusion discovering the amazing, awesome, ‘brilliance’… that we call ‘life’. As you connect with ‘life’, life connects with you!

May you be open to life’s dance, open to living life to the full!

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