I had just parked my car and before I could get out, along came these young Fairy Wrens. They sang the most beautiful song – what a lovely welcome home! 

We are often given signs that speak to our hearts. These signs may come as a song, what people say to us, symbols we come across, words we may read and for me this day, this very special moment; those young birds symbolically showed me that music is in my line of vision, I’m definitely on the right path with my songs and stories. I am very grateful for this experience 

What are you being shown at this moment in time? How is the universe encouraging and answering your questions and encouraging you on your path?

May we be open to all that life presents to us… for that’s just it… life’s presents, gifts for us to open and be in awe!

Lisa – Lighthouse Music For Kids 
            Lighthouse Centre For Learning 

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