Being Open To Abundance

Are you allowing yourself to receive all that’s loving and positive in life? 

If you had your arms open to abundance, how open would they really be?

Do you clench your fists without even knowing it? If so, this shows your not open, you are trying to control. Take a good look at your body talk, I learnt this in Life Line (I was a telephone counsellor in my early 20’s with a wonderful company called Life Line)  We cover with our hands without even knowing it the parts of our body we wish to guard … ie folded arms when someone is talking to us perhaps may show we are protecting our heart, we are ‘closed off’ to thoughts, ideas or opinions. (This is just one meaning, I’m sure there are more!)  I am sure if you are interested you are able to find more about body talk and it’s symbolism off the net… It’s truly fascinating and really causes you to contemplate where you are coming from and what you are conveying to others quite often without even knowing about it!!

Here’s another thought about being open…I like the idea of surfing as I used to surf when I was in my teens. I would wait patiently for a wave to catch thinking it would be the perfect wave, there were times I would wait and wait for various ‘sets’ to pass by and, I would catch my wave and do with it as I would, sometimes have a great surf up and down and others times being dumped or just falling off due to in balance. Yet every wave felt good and this is symbolic of opportunities that do come our way in life. If I didn’t allow myself to catch a wave I would come in feeling at a loss. The universe offers us waves of abundance all the time, and if you miss one, don’t worry there’ll be another;  so be open to receive and make the most of yours!

So my friends, open to life, open to living watch your thoughts, feelings, words and actions… (and gestures) think in abundant ways and ALLOW all that is loving and positive to come your way ~ Why not!!!
Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning


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