I’ve just been reflecting on Timothy my 14 year old cat and my thoughts went to yesterday when I picked him up, walked down the stairs to the front door and put him outside. 

As I picked him up his body went limp, he totally relaxed himself into my hands as I carried him all the way down the stairs until I put him back down on the floor again. It was a great learning curve for me as it reminded me that when something uncomfortable confronts us, instead of fighting or taking a defensive stance, just relax into it and allow whatever it is to pass by. In other words, be ‘flexible!’ We don’t have to always be right, or in control, or appear this way.

If we bend like the trees or like Timmy, we shall be open to ALL that life offers. Free to choose that which serves us and free to release that which no longer serves us. 

Timmy showed me a very healthy way to live. What we can’t control, let it go, relax and then move on in our mindset and in our day, just like he did!

It’s in the living that we love and in the loving that we live! 

Love yourself and allow yourself to experience life in all its fullness and relax within the difficult moments that be, for they too shall pass. Your body will thank you, for you are not holding on to anger, disappointment, regret , frustration or fear.  If you feel you need to seek professional advice to help you throughout the difficult times, seek a medical practitioner for this too is looking after you!

May you be flexible moving through life’s challenges with ease and grace.

Peace be yours,


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