How is your heart at the moment?

Are you holding on to anger, resentment, jealousy, anxiety, guilt or any other negative thought forms that don’t serve you well?

Every cell in your body is connected to those thought forms and your heart beats to the rhythm of each thought. A happy heart is one that resonates to happy thoughts and feelings. As I’ve often said ‘when we open to love, expressing our selves in loving ways, we feel lighter and brighter and our energy expands’, more than we know.

As is said, ‘It’s hard to be positive with an negative mindset’. The challenge is to change your thoughts to better feeling thoughts and in doing so, you change your outcomes.

There are so many things/circumstances that are out of our control in life yet we CAN control our thoughts. ‘Go with the flow’ is a saying that encourages us to ‘let things go’ and just deal with what’s in front of us the best way we can… perhaps that’s to bring peace to our heart through peaceful thoughts or perhaps to offer ourselves a loving hug of forgiveness. Perhaps it’s to make a fresh start with a positive outlook on life, losing the fears that were so much a part of yesterday…

I encourage you to put out what you want and delete those thoughts that no longer serve you (just like the delete button on the computer) change your thoughts and in turn change your outcomes. Don’t be afraid to get support (family, friends or professional) in turning your life around if you feel you need this, it’s your life and what a gift it will be to the quality of your day and to the rest of your life!

I’ll leave you with that wonderful song chorus ‘Don’t worry, be happy!’ encouraging you to turn the page and bring in the sunshine, creating a ‘happy heart’ as you do; allowing LOVE to lead the way! It’s a loving gift you offer yourself, and why not!!

Peace and happiness be yours,

Lisa Brockwell   :)

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