We have it within us to be very powerful… with our thoughts. Just like a magician that creates the illusion and offers magical delights to the audience, we too are able to transmute a negative encounter into a positive one. It is all within the moment. One moment leads to the next and the next and so on…

‘Think about it’ and that’s the answer!! To think is to offer hope, to offer the positive to the negative, to take a breath and carefully plan a response, created from a positive mindset. 

Even in the midst of crisis (I did a first aid course years ago) I learnt to stop and contemplate and then act and to do this, I needed to assess the situation, choose an option and go with it. Yes, the ‘now’ is very powerful!

I encourage you today to reflect on how your own life has changed in some way by a choice or choices that you’ve made in the past that’s lead you to where you are today. 

May I also remind you that ‘forgiveness’ offers us a ‘fresh clean slate’ so if whatever happened wasn’t pleasing and left a trail that again isn’t pleasing… forgive! It’s time to let go of the pain and blame and take hold of your life in a positive and loving way! It’s your life, your responsibility and of course your choice. Get help if you need to, life is to be ‘lived’ moment by moment and why not create an AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL life for yourself!! 

As we change the energy within, the energy around us changes, we are that powerful!

Have fun! Be kind to yourself and to others too!!
‘Now’ is the time to act!!

Lisa :)

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