If you’re feeling down, feeling oh so blue,
There’s always something; something you can do.
Like, take a walk outside, get some fresh clean air
Look at all the beauty that shows itself out there.
Even if it’s raining, snowing or just fine
There’s always something fresh to see, something you can find.

Abundance of good things will help you now today
Just be open to receive and it will come your way!
Joy comes from within it’s waiting just for you
If you open wide your mind you will feel it too
So open wide your heart and open wide your mind
And be open to the joys of life – lighten up! Unwind!

‘Joy, is in the beauty and lightness of the moments that be.’

Make the change today and if you need help, seek it from a professional – you are worth more than the stars themselves and so deserving of happiness, peace and harmony. Turn up your burner and light your path with love  –  be the change you wish to see!
Lisa Brockwell :)      Lighthouse Centre For Learning

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