How do you see yourself? Do you ever look in the mirror and admire the reflection that you see?  Do you stop to reflect upon your life, noting the positives or just the negatives?  Do you take a moment to see the beauty within you? Are you aware of the ‘essence of life’ that surrounds you and that offers you so many rich experiences, all showing you how magnificent you truly are?  Can you say to yourself ‘I am magnificent!’ and really mean these words?

We are so quick to criticise ourselves and yes we are the greatest critics of our life for we are the ones walking in our shoes, every moment of every day! Are you being too hard on yourself or perhaps taking life too seriously? Nothing ever stays the same, the energy of life moves constantly and we too move with it, in either a positive or negative way. I’ve often been reminded to take time out to reflect, reflect upon what I consider the ‘good’ and ‘things I would like to improve upon’ all being the way I’m perceiving life and the choices I’ve made in response to each experience. There is always room for improvement, I’m pleased when I know I’ve offered my best yet I know my best changes depending on how I’m feeling at the time, ie whether I’m tired, upset about something that’s not working out the way ‘I’ would like at the time in which I would like it to work out! Many, many moments have so much colour within them and we can often feel swamped by limitations whether they be time or demands made upon us.

Today I’ve put up on my face book page ‘lighthousecentreforlearning’ ‘Say uplifting words to yourself… you deserve it!’ And, I’d like to offer the same to those who now are reading this. Believe in yourself – you are all that you need to be right now to do and achieve what it is you are learning through and from. I ask you to think in positive ways to uplift your energy and to remind you that as you do, the world seems brighter and you will feel lighter and the more you start thinking in positive, uplifting ways, the more you expand in energy , know, this serves you well!  Don’t let fear hold you back, fear of failure, fear of getting it wrong, fear of being accepted for who you are. Again, you are all you need to be right here, right now! I have a song for kids where the chorus says: ‘Come on, give it a go put on your blue cloak of courage! Come on, give it a go, believe in yourself and give it a go!’  We are all kids at heart so I encourage you to put on your own blue cloak of courage and be courageous, face life with loving intent and move forward believing in yourself and your abilities! Speak loving words of encouragement to yourself and be kind to yourself, especially if you feel you are heading in those negative patterns… pick yourself up and move forward in joy, confidence, compassion, courage, acknowledging the magnificence that you are and how brightly you shine for YOU truly are the ‘star of your show!’

Lisa :)

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