When one door closes another door opens. 

You may not see it open but you just might hear it’s squeaks!!

The universe offers so many opportunities and blessings. Be bold, feel your courage within and move forward today with open eyes, ears, mind and heart and FEEL the support that accompanies every opportunity/every movement.

Personally, I love the knowledge that we are offered ‘waves of abundance’, as I used to be a surfer in my youth. I would wait for that ‘perfect’ wave and then ride the wave as far as I could before hopping off or falling off; then paddle out and do it all again and again, sometimes if it was a huge wave, I would be courageous and take it, surprising myself that I didn’t fall off, surfing and having the best time on this amazing wave. The sense of freedom, of creativity, of movement it was just the best… and this is symbolic of the opportunities and blessings that come with the waves of abundance.
We never know what they’ll bring if we don’t take the wave, the opportunity.

Peace be yours, May you open to abundance…

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