Our Fears offer us an opportunity to let them go! We are drawn into these fears till we are able to deal with them and let them go. Once we have let them go, they no longer have the impact upon our energy and thus they no longer are what we fear!

Look at your fears/insecurities. They’ll show you what you need to let go of. Personalize the fear, acknowledge that it is a fear, be honest with yourself and don’t see it as a weakness, don’t punish yourself for fears or failings. Fears allow us the opportunity to see life as colourful, not all one way and we grow through our fears having greater faith in ourselves or even in the unknown, knowing that life goes on whether we feel the need to be in control or not.

We can choose to release them or hang on to them. The choice is ours and ours alone. We can seek comfort in sharing these fears with those who know us best to come through the fog, the stress, the anxiety to gain clarity and reassurance that all is well.

A great affirmation that I’ve said over and over again is ‘Fear be gone! And love be in it’s place!’

We are all the same underneath. We feel pain, sorrow, joy and as human beings we tend to want to help if we can. As I mentioned, share these fearful feelings if you feel you need that extra help.

‘I’ve a song called ‘My Hand Of Trust’ I use within my primary school performances. This song is for children to connect them with those who can help them when they’re feeling sad or have a problem. Each finger represents someone whom you can trust who will be open and willing to help in time of need. If they aren’t available for whatever reason or they’re really not listening to you, then move onto the next ‘finger’/person till you have your help. I’ve suggested to kids that those fingers may be mum or dad, friends, family members, teachers, police, and I suggest the same for you (medical practitioners for adults too) so that you have the help you need, that beautiful blanket of love that dissipates fear! It’s all up to you. 

Yes, let fear be gone and love be in it’s place!

Lisa :)

P.S. Please take a look through this website lighthousecentreforlearning.com to see what’s available to help young children to release their fears (all the negatives in life) and to celebrate and embrace life with an open heart and mind. 

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