DIFFERENCES – How are you viewing those you are with?

People see you how they wish to see you in life, no matter how you wish to appear to them, it really is all from their perception, from where they are coming from. Of course, the same applies to us and how we view them and life in general.

Are you viewing someone at this moment in time through the eyes of love? Are you seeing through the illusion that they present if they are acting in a way that’s not pleasing to you? Are you seeing their sufferings, their hurts, their own fears in life? And… if so what are you offering in return? That’s the biggie! 

The challenge is to step back, take a breath and look beyond what you are shown – what is presented to you. 

Will you take up the challenge today? You will learn so much if you do , not only about others about yourself in the process.

Here’s a stanza from one of my songs:

‘Feelings show us where we’re at in our lives.
If they’re positive, we’re feeling alright! 
People see their lives in so many ways,
when they’re unpleasant, they’re feeling that way.’
(Taken from my song ‘Stand Tall’)

As we judge another, we really judge ourselves as it’s all from our perspective. If we look beyond what we see, we’ve never walked the path they trod to get them to be where they are today and to go one further, where they are is where they need to be, as they too are learning through their choices, experiences … just like us!

May we all look through the eyes of love today, stepping back and allowing ourselves to open our minds and hearts and respond with loving intent.

Peace and love.
Lisa :)



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