There are many times in our lives we are challenged to be patient. 
We tend to want answers, events, people to do something for us, holidays and so on ‘right now!’

It’s not good for our bodies when we are impatient as it causes us to worry, stress, perhaps get depressed, simply at times get the jitters. Every cell in our body listens to our thoughts and we need to be mindful of this. We all want healthy bodies hey!

A loving thing to do is to allow, to allow whatever it is we desire to come to us in its own way, in its own right time and at its own pace.   (Such a challenge at times though realising we can’t do more than we have done to bring whatever it is we wish to bring about, we need to step back, be positive and just allow) I suggest we keep on keeping on, focusing on the present moment, do what we can and  let go. It’s so important to enjoy and make the most of what is in front of us ‘right now’

As in the chorus in one of my primary school’s song it suggests:
‘Patience patience is what I hear you say
Let the future be the future and enjoy yourself today
The time will come soon enough if we just allow
Yes look towards the future, yet embrace each moment now.’
Lisa  :)
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