This is such a wonderful way to look at life!

You don’t take things personally, you never see yourself as a ‘victim’ instead,
you question ‘What am I learning here?’ ‘How can this challenge empower me? ‘Wow! I used to respond like this… now I respond in this way and, I can see just how far I’ve come’ 
‘I never knew I had it in me to do/achieve this, awesome!’

Everything in life invites us to release our negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others, to be open to all that life presents, knowing that we are perfect in every way!   Perfect to exploring more and more about ourselves and life as it presents itself to us, to live in joy and not in fear and appreciate each moment for what it brings! 

Life is wonder full, awesome in fact! And, we too are wonderful and awesome! 

‘I am learning every moment finding what is true for me
To love with all my heart, my friends and family
I’m exploring who I am and life’s fantastic! Can’t you see?
I am me, I’m simply me!’
(Taken from my song ‘I am me, I’m simply me!)

May we all lighten up and enjoy the moments that be!

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