When others are unkind to you
or if you’re feeling down and blue,
why not stop and take a breath
respond by being compassionate?

Treat yourself as if a child
and hug your hurts until you smile
for as your smile uplifts your face
it sends warm vibes to that place

Compassion is the heart of life
it calms the soul, it calms the strife
Why not take a look today
in a beautiful, kind, compassionate way!
Lisa Brockwell 

We cannot change others yet we can change the way we look at life.
As we are compassionate to our hurts we are able to offer compassion to the hurts of others. 
‘As I’m compassionate to me, I’ll be compassionate to you’
Lisa :)

P.S. Please take a look at ‘The Comforting Song’ on You Tube :
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