‘Let Fear Be Gone! And Love Be In It’s Place!’

What a wonderful affirmation! As we release our fears there is naught but love.

What do we fear in life? Everyone has them, all our anxieties our lack of ‘control’, our guilts, pain, blame – all the negatives we hold onto.

As in one of my songs it says ‘As a candle changes dark into light, all thoughts negative you can change with your light!’

Our thoughts lead to words, our words to actions, our actions to outcomes.

It is our personal responsibility to change that which we no longer feel is necessary in our lives and it all begins with observing our thoughts and releasing those which no longer serve us.

Again… ‘Let Fear Be Gone!’ and again ‘And Love Be In It’s Place!’ Put in the positives, the positive thoughts. Celebrate somehow when you notice you’ve made that change; for that too is positive is it not! How wonderful when this happens as is said ‘when you change the energy within, the energy around you changes!’

So, how do you change your negative thoughts when they’ve been in this pattern for so long? Re train the brain! Set in new positive thought patterns. It’s all about energy; dissipating the negative energy by rising up or shall we say ‘uplifting’ – changing the vibration of your energy.

Energy moves fast and slow, high and low. What do you think the negatives are? A lower, slower vibration where our energy contracts or as is said ‘Where the sun don’t shine!’ Yet we all know that the sun does shine always, we just have to remove those dark clouds!

Here are a few ways that may help:

Observe your thoughts and words. Discipline your mind and stop yourself in mid sentence, and flip the coin. Start again with a positive thought. For example ‘It’s no use I can’t….
There’s always possibilities, I’m choosing to find one right now…..’

If you can, go for a walk, notice the beauty of nature and focus on the colours, shapes, smells etc. This is bringing in abundance allowing yourself to expand within the positives.

Think of 10 things you love and notice the difference and then go from there, choose more things if you need too.

Remember the good times in your life ie like when you laughed so much that you wanted to cry, when you lay on your back and watched clouds float by… things like this.

Sit with the sunshine on your back, this helps you relax and then write, write out what you’ve been thinking about so you release this energy. If you can do something about it, do so if you can’t you’ve let it go.

See someone professional if needs be, don’t be afraid of moving forward, you may just need that push to get your help from someone who is able to assist you and work with you in positive ways. This may cost yet isn’t your health and peace of mind most important to you in life??

Open the curtain in your house and let the sunshine in.

Get rid of the clutter in your house, this is releasing the old so that the new enters symbolically and physically.

Focus on a most beautiful rose and note its colour, fragrance, how each petal is magnificently formed. Meditate on this. (Thanks to my friend Kathleen Bryant for this one!)

Go out and help someone, this allows love to flow through you and you benefit in so many wonderful ways.

I know I’ve just given a few ways to move forward. Why don’t you write your own!

I’ll leave you now with a short mantra I’ve written as a song:

‘I am changing my thoughts right now. Choose to think in a positive way, I release all that troubles me…
Allowing love… to simply be!’
©2014 Lisa Brockwell

Yes my friends ‘Let Fear Be Gone! And Love Be In It’s Place!’

Peace be yours,
Lisa :)


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