I was on my way out of the shopping center after buying my groceries the other day, deep in thought. A young boy aged around 4 years old was having a ride inside his mother’s shopping trolley and you know how it feels when someone is watching you intensely; you look up. As I did, he gave me the most beautiful smile (that melted my heart) as we passed by each other. Automatically I smiled back and that smile stayed on my face for quite some time after, it ‘lifted’ my mood.

I’ve often commented about how a smile can change your day, help or heal in some kind of way; how wonderful it is that we are able to throw a smile at any age and offer this affect upon those we meet.

So, throw a smile and watch it go… and catch a smile when it comes to you, your face lights up as you smile back too :)

Share your love, the goodness that’s inside!

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning

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