Each moment in life offers an opportunity to celebrate; to celebrate our life. Too often we look forward to the future with the eyes of hope and longing to ‘have’, or what if?  And perhaps the past with ‘I wish I’d’ or ‘that was the best time’ or ‘it’s all gone by so fast’. 

What is happening right now within this moment?  What can you do with the ‘moment that is…?’ We can’t control our future, nor relive the past in the way we want. So, lets concentrate on what we can do with this present moment.  

Why not celebrate this moment right now by taking in a deep, fresh breath –  the breath of life and breathe it in. Feel peace as your lungs expand, becoming aware of your life as a ‘gift’ just for you. This gift of life is precious, every cell in your body is responding to that fresh breath, every single one. This moment is a ‘freeing’ moment that has so many delightful possibilities; for your thoughts are endless and you CAN take these thoughts to better feeling places!  Allow yourself to think positively.  Thinking about all the things you are grateful for celebrates, uplifts you, creating a beautiful warm glow within and around you.  Being positive allows the mind to open to other possibilities that may solve problems, create and inspire.

The past is the past and the future is not yet determined. As we celebrate this ‘now’ moment, grateful for ‘the gift that we are’ and living ‘the gift of being positive’ we expand our energy for we feel lighter and brighter.  We are making the most of the moment!

Be in the ‘now’ and open the present with love :)

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning 

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