To live emotion is to experience life.

At times we feel we are caught within our emotions and cannot move forward. Know deep within that the ‘LIGHT OF LOVE’ parts the clouds of emotions for it never goes out, always there helping you when needed… parting the clouds as you let go and allow.

 Allow love to lead the way.

 Feel your emotions and release in positive ways such as:

* Crying till there are no more tears (tears are healing)
* Shouting to the sky, stomping or as I suggest to young children shaking your ‘yukies’ away,
* Using the breath of life to release them – exhaling them out using visualization etc.
* You may also wish to write down your fears and then cut them up or tear them into little pieces, putting them into the bin.

Then inhale a fresh new deep breath, acknowledge your healing, looking and moving to the ‘new’ in a positive way.

If you feel you need professional help then give yourself that gift of moving forward by allowing a professional practitioner to help you out. The ‘light of love ‘appears in many disguises. Many are the ways to move forward in life, you just need to take the first step!

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning



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