Last night, I watched Toy Story 3 just for the fun of it… (Yes I know, I’m a big kid!!)

There was a part within the movie that brought tears to my eyes and no it wasn’t a sad part though I guess now upon reflection there might have been sadness within the moment…especially for the toys!

The toys were about to fall into a ‘fiery pit’ – their demise and each toy was struggling with the idea in

 one way or another; then slowly one by one they all stopped fighting, fearing the idea of death and one by one held each others hand. Together each gave a calming yet courageous look of ‘well, this is it!’ ending. And, no it wasn’t the end; in case you were wondering… they were helped by their 3 little Alien friends to escape moving to the next adventurous part of the film. 

Tears that come at times are ‘tears of truth’ it’s recognising your truth and this is what I felt during this moment. Even though it was the Toy Story, it mirrored our life’s story – when crisis hits; love comes to the forefront, love is what really matters when all is said and done! Love presents itself in abundant ways and ‘united as one’ we share in the magic of love, however that be.

Why wait for the life’s dramas? – share you love… today!

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning

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