Hi everyone, this is really special to me. It came from my heart and speaks of my work and inner wisdom.

I believe the message of LOVE is so important in life for it’s what life is really all about.  

Every experience… whether we feel is good or bad, is valuable for us at any age as we gain such a greater understanding about ourselves, each other and just what loving means – what makes us tick!

LOVE brings about peace, harmony and joy to our troubled world. We all want to be loved and loved without condition. We too also want to share our goodness that’s inside of us; the love that we are. This is a simple truth.  We’re learning how to go about it through the values we live for values are expressions of love, aspects of love. We’re celebrating these most beautiful values in one way or another every moment, within every challenge and experience of our lives!

Love works through us, with us and for us and we are this love!  :) Lisa Brockwell

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