Making light of the moment. 

We are all magicians when doing this!! 
We are able to change our persoective of a situation through various means. 
To see things in a different way may just help ease a burden; to let go of how we wish or would have liked to control a situation to suit our own needs or beliefs.
The energy of all life will flow how it will and there are times we just need to release our grip and go with the flow. Humour, patience, forgiveness, and all ways of acceptance i.e. accepting yourself as you are, accepting others as they are and accepting all that life presents to you; all add to the energy of bringing the positive to the negative – making light of the moment. 
How are you viewing certain situations in your life at present? 
What do you need to create magic within your energy for the better and to make light of the moment?
Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning

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