Compassionate acts touch our hearts in the most beautiful of ways. Here is an excerpt from ‘Making Australia Happy’ which was filmed by the ABC a few years ago:  Whilst the links between stress and ill health are now well documented, there is a growing body of research that shows how positive emotions can actually benefit your health. In one of the more famous studies carried out at Harvard University, students watched a documentary about Mother Teresa in which she was shown caring for the diseased and dying in the slums of Calcutta. Before and after the film screening, researchers took saliva samples from students to measure the antibody “Immunoglobulin A”.

IgA protects against common illness like colds and flu and is considered to be a good marker of overall immune function. Researchers observed that immediately after viewing the film, the students experienced a significant boost in these antibodies. So if this is the physiological effect of passively watching compassionate behaviour, what is the effect of engaging in compassionate behaviour? In Making Australia Happy, we took saliva samples before and after the day of volunteering and randomly selected four samples to be analysed. As expected, their immunoglobulin levels all increased (on average by 36%) which would indicate that they would have had significantly higher resistance to infection afterwards.

How are you adding to the energy of all life?

Perhaps you may be offered an opportunity today to give the gift of compassion and help make a beautiful life; not only for yourself, for those around you too.

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning 

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