I’ve decided to include this excerpt today as Christmas in Australia is fast approaching. It is addressed to all those who have the blessings of children in their lives (as I wrote it within my book – ‘My Gift of Love’, though it really applies to everyone!) and comes from Pg19 of ‘My Gift of Love’ ©2012 Lisa Brockwell – You may purchase the preschool book @   

Please just sit with this for a moment and allow yourself to feel the value of these words: 



The most treasured gift we may give is our gift of love.  A loving touch or gesture such as a smile, wink or words of love may heal where it is needed most.  Love has the power to overcome difficulties, bring courage, give strength and solace. Love begins from within and has no ending.  It is a constant.  It is who we are and how we overcome all fears.

No matter how old we are, where we live or how we may look, we are all gifts of love for each other.

We have so much loving magic inside us and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as we allow

‘How does it feel to be given a surprise present, a gift?’  You may admire the design and coloured paper, size and shape, wondering what is inside.

                                                What might the present be?

                                                How will I use it?

                                                Will it help me somehow?

                                                Will it comfort me?

                                                Can I share it?

                                                Will it bring me many fun times?

                                                Will I learn something new?

                                                Will it change me in some way?

We are all presents packaged in different ways on the outside with abundant hidden treasures. Throughout our lives we surprise ourselves; constantly discovering our magnificence.  Our most precious gifts are those that lie within.

I encourage you to ‘BE’ the ‘gift of love’ that you are today and share your goodness that’s inside :)

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning 

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