Every wondered about who you are ? 

Please ponder on this~ it just may help :

As we love, we feel lighter and brighter and our energy expands. We are living our truth and we cannot help but shine! When we feel negative or fearful, our energy contracts and we live our shadow self. All those harsh words and actions are just that – ‘harsh’ not only to ourselves; to the energy of all life. Yet as I say this, we all are given countless  opportunities to learn what feels right for us and, to see this in others, is seeing that they too are learning what feels right for them.

As a stanza in one of my songs (Forgiveness) says ‘I choose to open my heart, I choose to make a fresh start and allow them to be just as they are; for they are who they are, not as I wish them to be. I forgive them and I forgive me.’ No one can get inside the head of another and control their thoughts, nor do we have the right. Yet we can learn so much about life if we are open to learning; for life is a great ‘wonder full’ teacher and a great friend – a friend to nurture, support our needs, guide and love us in all ways!

May love light the way!  May we shine our love through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. 


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