Are You Ok?

I watched one of my favourite movies last night ‘The Secret Life Of Bees.’ I’d like to share with you a few gems from this movie and the first one was ‘The Wailing Wall’ 
It was a wall built of stone by one of the characters who was extremely sensitive to life and it was her way of releasing all the burdens and ills of the world that she felt she was carrying around. She would have a good cry and write down how she felt and put that note in-between the cracks of her wailing wall. 

We recently had a day in Australia called ‘Are You Ok?’ People were encouraged to share their feelings with friends, family or health care professionals. 

It’s important to realise that we all feel our ups and downs and that we are not alone. If you need to talk and work through things, there is something young children are taught about which may also help… I call it ‘My Hand of Trust.’ It’s about the fingers on your hand representing those you feel you can trust to share with. Family, friends, counsellors, doctors, police and so on. If you feel you are not heard for whatever reason or what you are hearing doesn’t sit well with you in your gut, you can move to another ‘finger’ (person) until you feel you are getting the help you need. 

It’s really all up to you for as you share, you allow someone to care and offer help where needed. 
I like the wailing wall idea, as writing out your feelings is a great way to release the hurts, and unblock heavy energy, yet know that sometimes more help is needed and don’t be afraid to take the steps in receiving the help and freeing yourself.

‘Let fear be gone! And love be in it’s place’ is a great affirmation and may assist you in your journey.

Love yourself and treat yourself well for there is only 1 you!

Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Centre For Learning


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