About Us

‘We may not be able to control certain things in our lives yet we are able to control our responses to what comes our way.’                 Lisa Brockwell.


Hi, I’m Lisa Brockwell. Welcome!

It’s such a pleasure connecting with you in this way, thanks for stopping by.

I am a former primary school teacher, life educator, self published author, singer/songwriter, and puppeteer. I provide ‘Personal Development’ Performances and resources for both Preschools and Primary Schools.  My songs and stories support outcomes from both the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and  the Personal Development component of the New South Wales PDHPE Syllabus as well as the singing component of the N.S.W. Music Syllabus.  

As a mother of four beautiful children, teacher and performer, I’ve noticed and loved the beauty, fun, wisdom, spirit of greatness and the precious love, that children bring to their day. Every child is unique and uniquely special, offering us beautiful gifts and wonderful hope for our future. Some children have yet to see this for themselves and others need reminding, this is where I am able to be of assistance. It was once said that my work keeps the kids off the ‘rocks in life.’ Another compliment from many folk (as I’ve heard this quite a few times) is that the men and women wish my resources and performances were around when they were young, as they would not still be carrying the burdens in life they carry. I must admit it’s never too late to ‘let go’ of the negative thoughts and feelings we still hold on too and begin afresh. And thus, the work I offer is for children and the child at heart. 

I believe everyone has an ‘inner knowing’ and I share mine through stories, songs, performances and workshops. My aim is to engage and inspire children and the child within, to be open in heart and mind, expressing the self in thoughtful, kind, considerate, uplifting ways. My music and stories encourage children to release their fears/negativity and live life to the full, to embrace life with compassion, respect, passion and joy. 


Each song  and story inspires and teaches values from the child’s perspective and supports current programs within preschools and primary schools:

  • Transition To Kindergarten 
  • Social and Emotional component of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia  
  • K-6 Personal Development of the PDHPE Syllabus
  • Choice Theory
  • Seasons for Growth
  • School Readiness
  • Kids Matter 
  • Ethics
  • Religious Education Programs as the songs celebrate the practicalities of love. 
  • School Values
  • Any School Program that enhances motivation, wellbeing, social skills and a celebration of life with all it’s diversity.                                                                          

Children are inspired through these songs and stories to have a greater love and appreciation for themselves, those who share in their day and for the world in which they live.

No matter where we are, how old we are or how we may live; we all desire to understand, and to be understood, to be love and to be loved unconditionally.

                                            Life Is An Experience Of  Love


‘We are all students and teachers in life.’ Every day in every way we are loved. When we feel happy we feel the joy that love is and when we feel sad, we feel the compassion that is love. We experience love in both the positive and the negative aspects of life.

Every situation we go through in our lives, gives love a greater meaning. In fact, it shows the abundance of love through shared experiences and through understandings. Life is a great teacher, if we take time out (quiet time) to reflect, we are able to progress on our journey with greater wisdom and insight.

May each resource assist you in sharing the message of love through the values we live, whilst touching your heart along the way!

From my heart to yours,

Lisa Brockwell




This my wonderful daughter Therese Ellem.

I’ve watched my daughter Therese blossom over the years in so many wonderful ways. I’m so very proud of her and her achievements.  Directors, principals, teachers and parents have been amazed at her artistic abilities and she just keeps getting better and better!  Therese is a very gifted and talented artist and captures the essence of my songs and stories in such simple yet profound ways through her beautiful illustrations.

Not only do they look terrific, they’re an added benefit for children who prefer the visual (spatial) style of learning.  Her monocle characters invite children to see things in a different light/perspective/way, whilst asking “What am I learning here (from this situation/person) and what may I offer – that brings out the best in me?”