I used to take horse ‘trail rides’ down at Otford Farm south of Sydney, Australia in my youth every Sunday, whilst I was studying at teachers collage. It was truly wonderful riding through the magnificent farm and  Royal National Park and guiding people with various stages of riding experiences. There were always two guides and I would either lead the trail or fall behind, being the last person so as to keep the group together. We would have up to 20 people in our group at times or perhaps two or three depending on who turned up.

Oxford Farm offered Mountain Scenery, Waterfalls, Rainforests, Goats, Ducks, Chooks, Ponies, Horse Riding Lessons, Stables and I began my experience there by cleaning the horse stables. It was a test to see how keen I was!

I remember taking out a group of deaf people one Sunday and that was a beautiful experience and challenging in itself. Challenging as people are focusing on where the horse is leading them rather than on instructions given. I also remember taking out people who couldn’t speak English and this too was a very similar experience. I would often take my friends down for a ride as well as it was simply breath taking and so enjoyable.

Last night I decided to look up the farm over the internet to see if it had changed and in little ways it has. It now has a covered arena and offers accommodation and it’s nice to see how it’s evolved. What I found whilst looking was the desire to check it out over You Tube and I took some time to actually go on a virtue horse ride with one of the fellows who had a camera attached to his helmut. It felt absolutely wonderful to do ride the trail with him… Oh what a world we live in! It brought back great memories of ‘which trail had he taken’ as I had to search my memory bank for the trail as he ventured along.

Okay why am I sharing this today? There are times in our lives it does us good to go back and remember what we once cherished and to relive this in one way or another. It is ALWAYS good to be grateful as it clears the mind and opens the heart and, refreshes our energy. Time no longer exists where joy resides and I encourage you today to take some time out and truly go back, whether it is in a meditative state or even as I did over the internet and simply ‘be’ in the energy you once cherished.

May peace be yours,
Lisa :)
Oh by the way, the photo is of my horse (The horse I always chose for myself) ‘Tooey’ and myself way back when….

Good feelings, always feel good!!










What a great way to retrain the brain! As we accentuate the positives, we create a positive mindset and what we focus upon expands. Take an example such as noticing how many white cars there are on the road. As you notice white cars, your eyes are naturally drawn to ‘white cars’ and you’ll find (I guarantee) that by the end of the day you won’t believe how many ‘white cars’ there are out there on the road!  It’s the same as what we focus upon, the energy of whatever this is, expands and we experience more of what we are focused upon.

Don’t allow your fears to hold you back in life, take the reigns and move forward fearlessly! Allow yourself to open to new experiences, allow yourself to really feel the joy that each new experience brings. Your struggles will naturally fall away as you open to positive enriching experiences. Again focus is the key, focus positively upon what it is you wish to have in your life, focus and be grateful for all that has been positive, remember what we focus upon ‘expands’ and we receive more and more of this.

I encourage you to accentuate the positives and as you do you eliminate the negatives! Light dissipates the dark, allow your faith and courage to dissipate negativity. Live, truly live your life in gratitude, in peace, in love and in the faith that the future is as it needs to be to support you in every way… in every way!

Keep the focus, do the work and live life to the full!

Lisa :)



‘Let Fear Be Gone! And Love Be In It’s Place!’

What a wonderful affirmation! As we release our fears there is naught but love.

What do we fear in life? Everyone has them, all our anxieties our lack of ‘control’, our guilts, pain, blame – all the negatives we hold onto.

As in one of my songs it says ‘As a candle changes dark into light, all thoughts negative you can change with your light!’

Our thoughts lead to words, our words to actions, our actions to outcomes.

It is our personal responsibility to change that which we no longer feel is necessary in our lives and it all begins with observing our thoughts and releasing those which no longer serve us.

Again… ‘Let Fear Be Gone!’ and again ‘And Love Be In It’s Place!’ Put in the positives, the positive thoughts. Celebrate somehow when you notice you’ve made that change; for that too is positive is it not! How wonderful when this happens as is said ‘when you change the energy within, the energy around you changes!’

So, how do you change your negative thoughts when they’ve been in this pattern for so long? Re train the brain! Set in new positive thought patterns. It’s all about energy; dissipating the negative energy by rising up or shall we say ‘uplifting’ – changing the vibration of your energy.

Energy moves fast and slow, high and low. What do you think the negatives are? A lower, slower vibration where our energy contracts or as is said ‘Where the sun don’t shine!’ Yet we all know that the sun does shine always, we just have to remove those dark clouds!

Here are a few ways that may help:

Observe your thoughts and words. Discipline your mind and stop yourself in mid sentence, and flip the coin. Start again with a positive thought. For example ‘It’s no use I can’t….
There’s always possibilities, I’m choosing to find one right now…..’

If you can, go for a walk, notice the beauty of nature and focus on the colours, shapes, smells etc. This is bringing in abundance allowing yourself to expand within the positives.

Think of 10 things you love and notice the difference and then go from there, choose more things if you need too.

Remember the good times in your life ie like when you laughed so much that you wanted to cry, when you lay on your back and watched clouds float by… things like this.

Sit with the sunshine on your back, this helps you relax and then write, write out what you’ve been thinking about so you release this energy. If you can do something about it, do so if you can’t you’ve let it go.

See someone professional if needs be, don’t be afraid of moving forward, you may just need that push to get your help from someone who is able to assist you and work with you in positive ways. This may cost yet isn’t your health and peace of mind most important to you in life??

Open the curtain in your house and let the sunshine in.

Get rid of the clutter in your house, this is releasing the old so that the new enters symbolically and physically.

Focus on a most beautiful rose and note its colour, fragrance, how each petal is magnificently formed. Meditate on this. (Thanks to my friend Kathleen Bryant for this one!)

Go out and help someone, this allows love to flow through you and you benefit in so many wonderful ways.

I know I’ve just given a few ways to move forward. Why don’t you write your own!

I’ll leave you now with a short mantra I’ve written as a song:

‘I am changing my thoughts right now. Choose to think in a positive way, I release all that troubles me…
Allowing love… to simply be!’
©2014 Lisa Brockwell

Yes my friends ‘Let Fear Be Gone! And Love Be In It’s Place!’

Peace be yours,
Lisa :)



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True forgiveness is sending love to those who did you wrong and in loving yourself unconditionally as well.

We all bring out the best or worst in each other. Scenarios are played out all the time, to show us where we are ‘coming from.’
If we look at a situation with the thoughts
‘What am I learning here?
How would the very best part of me respond?
Then we take the ‘sting’ out of the equation. We don’t see ourselves as a ‘victim’ we see ourselves as ‘becoming’ for we are always offered opportunities to grow and learn.

Think back on a past scenario you had with someone close, who brought out the feelings of anger, resentment, rage, humiliated, distant or hurt in you. You could feel yourself build the brick wall around your heart to protect yourself and to stop the pain that stewed in your mind and body, every time you thought of the incident or heard the persons name.

Dr. Wayne Dyer once said ‘It’s not the snake bite that kills you, it’s the venom that runs through your veins.’ This is really something worth reflecting upon. We are with ourselves every moment of every day and we are the ones who carry around the hurt and suffering, the pain and blame.

If we look at life through the ‘eyes of forgiveness’ through the ‘heart of forgiveness’ we see the whole scenario from a different perspective. We come from ‘love’ instead of ‘fear’ – love being all the positives in life and fear of course, being the negatives. As we love, we feel lighter and brighter and this is felt within every cell of our body – we were created to ‘feel good!’ Feeling good is a healthy and productive energy isn’t it?

It’s up to us whether we forgive or not. We may say “I forgive” yet are we still carrying around the negatives?

A good way to approach the scenario is to see that everyone comes from their own perspective in life and we may or may not agree with where that person is coming from. We don’t walk each other’s paths and so we don’t really know why a person chooses to act or respond the way they do.

If we look at the scenario with ‘What am I learning here?’ We open to ‘compassion’ a beautiful value/aspect of love that is kind and comforting to the heart.

We may be learning to stand on our own two feet (self worth) We may be learning to let go of a pattern we’ve been carrying around for a long time… Perhaps we might be challenged to respond in a way that is less confronting… Perhaps we are learning that patience is what is required or perhaps it’s just to be more flexible…

Next time you encounter a situation that offers you an opportunity to see just how forgiving you are, take a moment to reflect and progress. Accept the way you feel and remember, no one ‘made you feel this way’ this came from you. Own your feelings, acknowledge your feelings, and then ask yourself “what am I learning here?”

Perhaps take a moment in your spare time to write and write and move that energy from what’s been stewing inside of you to putting it down onto paper and then what you choose to do with it is up to you. Releasing in a positive way is a very health and loving thing to do for yourself. If you can’t forgive the person face to face, use your imagination and visualise what it is you would like to say to them
“I feel angry/upset/disappointed… when you… for this again is moving you forward.

True forgiveness is offering love to the person and gratitude for the whole scenario. This is taking forgiveness one step further for it is a gift from your heart to theirs. A loving gift. As a buddy, they have played their role well supporting you generously in helping you grow and learn. If the scenario didn’t happen, you would not have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, let go – release your pain and blame and love unconditionally.

Here’s two songs of mine regarding this beautiful value:

‘Forgive yourself and move forward, we all deserve a happy day
Forgive yourself and move forward, doesn’t matter what others might say
Forgive yourself and move forward, let go of your pain and your blame
Forgive yourself and move forward, let your heart shine bright once again.’

‘Today is a good day to say “I’m sorry.”
If I’ve hurt someone or if I’ve been unkind.
For when I am sorry I can start again,
I will feel happy, I’ll feel good inside.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Let’s be friends, let’s start again.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Let’s be friends, let’s start again.”

We are all children at heart, we all wish to be cared for and loved unconditionally.

Be the ‘gift of forgiveness’ this holiday season.
You can’t change another yet you can change yourself
and respond in a positive, uplifting, loving way and… this then creates change around you in positive ‘uplifting/loving’ ways…