Self Love

A friend of mine just posted this on her Facebook time line, I’d written it over 3 years ago. I’m posting this now as it’s a good reminder each and every day:


I’m deserving of so much love. I’m the child within. 
As I offer love to all my ‘ills’ I am offering peace and harmony, healing and well being. 
Life is really all about love and as I offer love to myself, I offer loving intent to the energy of all life.
And to go one step further, ‘as I’m compassionate to me, I’ll be compassionate to you’ it all starts with:
‘I am…’

Why not offer ourselves love and healing!! It’s very healthy!
Lisa :)



If we look at life through the lens of love, we have a greater understanding of why things happen the way they do. We may never fully understand the reason why, yet we are able to take note of what we are able to absorb in a way that is comforting, a way that helps us move forward in life. I’d like to offer you an insight from my own perspective and I hope you may take away that which is healing and comforting to your heart for whatever you are going through right now.

Let’s take a good look at the word ‘awful’. We have all said this powerful word at one stage or another. Why is this word so powerful you may ask? The power lies within the word itself ‘awe’ – ‘full’ meaning there is greatness in whatever has occurred and even though we may not be privy to just how, it is there. Everything in life offers layers, layers of understandings, layers of love. For example, you may be learning of the value of forgiveness when confronted with a situation that encourages you to forgive. Without forgiving that which hurt, you cannot move forward, you are always going to carry this hurt until you let it go. Releasing is a part of forgiving, it is not releasing the person though you may believe it is so, it truly is releasing the ‘pain’ of the scenario, and the person was the ‘one working with you’ to bring this pain to the surface, to let it go. It’s as if a snake has bitten you, it’s not the snake that kills you, it’s the venom that is injected that runs through your veins to the heart.

As we deal with the emotional and mental pain, we deal with the level of the issue and we heal the cause of the wound. How do you deal with it you may ask?

Reflect upon what happened and ask yourself, what am I learning from this situation about myself? Why does it hurt so much? What is it that really hit the nerve? What was said or done that causes me to feel this way? The person or perpetrator was an instrument of the universe to offer you this opportunity to release that which you have brought to the surface to be released. Perhaps it is pride? Perhaps it is anger? Perhaps it is lack of self worth? Perhaps it is your desire to control? Perhaps it is you feeling a victim and then the situation mirrors your thoughts and feelings, making you a ‘victim’.

A scenario becomes more ‘potent’ when the person who challenges us is someone who is close to our heart. We’ve built so many years of trust and happy times only to discover they’ve hurt us in a way that’s unforgivable, in a way that’s totally unacceptable. Are you aware of the saying ‘What we resist, persists?’ No one can ‘make’ us feel or do anything unless we give them permission to do so and resisting the pain/blame is deflecting that which we own, not them, us. We own our power, we are solely in charge of our responses in life or to put it another way, how we ‘choose’ to respond in life. We are the ones who ‘feel’ what we feel and ‘do’ what we do. Just as we feel, so to do all those who surround us ‘feel’ every day. People see their lives in so many ways, when they’re unpleasant, they’re feeling that way. Let’s remember, we are all each others teachers and students in life and we all seek to understand and to be understood and that includes the perpetrator of the act.

Looking at what value presents itself within a given experience is looking at the ‘heart’ of the experience. To see from the prospective of a loving way of being or perhaps to say to see it from an ‘enlightened’ way of being, is to bring ‘light to darkness’ to dissipate the darkness of the scenario with the ‘light’ that you truly are. In other words, to let go, is to let go of the heaviness, the dark feelings and thoughts we still carry with us, and once we do, we rise above, we become lighter and brighter and that is what life is truly all about. To let go of past hurts and negativity is to naturally be lighter and brighter. As we do become lighter our energy expands and we feel more energetic, able to move through the day, the week, the month, year peaceful and then happy. This is the ‘positive’ within the negative for us.

Perhaps we may need to do a few releases, releasing each layer, to truly feel that we have let that issue/pattern go and perhaps this may be with the help of a professional, perhaps it’s continual releasing through writing down our angst, then tearing it up and throwing it in the bin where it belongs. Perhaps it is seeking help from those you trust to offer you positive and practical advice. The choice is yours as to what feels right for you. Perhaps it’s through ‘EFT’ Emotional Freedom Technique (you may find this on you tube) perhaps it is reaffirming your true worth by looking in the mirror and saying as you look into your eyes, various positive affirmations such as “I acknowledge I feel pain… and now let this feeling go. I’ve felt it enough and I choose now to feel peace… ” I’ve done this so many times and it is usually the next day that the heaviness has lifted and healing has taken its place and I’ve moved forward lighter and brighter.

I’ve mentioned the singular of the scenario – what was done to you, how about what was done to your country, to others? The positive within the negative – the heart of the matter, may call forth a heartfelt response at the time from you and those around, for we are all connected and we all feel. If there is a disaster – war, tornadoes, tsunami, hurricane, fires, earthquake, etc you will find the compassion offered from those who go immediately to help out, those countries that also respond in providing food, clothing, accommodation and folks who are trained to cope with disasters, compassion you too feel in your own heart just by watching it, reading or hearing about it in the media. Compassion is ‘a gift of love’ that resides within us all and once again, a valued ‘light’ that dispels darkness. Light comes in many ways as was mentioned, the offer of help, the offer of kindness from prayers, the offer of comfort given to those upset even when talking about it or watching it from afar. There are so many ways compassion comes into being and this gift helps people to heal and move forward.

To close, I would like to encourage you to think of life situation right now that you are involved in. See it like a pebble being thrown into a pond. The ripple the pebble emits are the values that come about from this given situation. The pebble is the situation and the ripples are the waves of how each person is challenged to respond. Contemplate on how those you know who are involved are experiencing this ripple affect – even you. Ask yourself what values would each person be offering or called to offer to this situation? What values am I offering or am I called to offer? What fears/negativity do I feel about this situation and how can I rise above and come from a higher perspective? Everyone comes from their own perspective in life and their challenge may differ yet all challenges lead to love and it is within the challenge that we truly get to know the depth of who we are and what we are capable of. We cannot control everything and everyone, yet we can control our response as to what is happening.

How will you respond today? Will you look beyond the obvious to see the levels of understandings, the levels of love? Will you see the positive within the negative? Will you value yourself and all that life ‘presents’?

Lisa :)




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Open your heart and mind
Open… to sharing the love that you are
Open… to receiving the love that is offered, just for you.

As we open we allow, and as we allow we receive. 

Are you truly allowing others to share their love with you? 
Are you truly allowing help to come your way? 
By allowing others to help us, to care for us, to share with us, we are allowing them to be kind, thoughtful, caring and considerate. This is a gift unto itself, wouldn’t you agree? We learn of love through shared experiences and if we give, give, give without receiving then we are out of balance and, we are not allowing others to share the love that they are, with us.

Are you being thoughtful, kind, caring and considerate? 
Are you being forgiving? 
Are you being true to yourself, humble in that knowing you can be right and wrong? 
Are you courageous? 
Do you love yourself unconditionally? Are you offering love unconditionally?

Love uplifts and comes in many ways, it flows in abundance and never ends. We just need to turn the ‘tap’ on and allow the flow of love to work through us, for us and with us.

Lisa Brockwell

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We can’t buy it, no one can give it to us… COURAGE comes from within. Just like the magician that pulls the rabbit out of the hat, we are able to pull out the courage we have within when needed. How cool is that!!

Let’s remember just how powerful we truly are through with intent for our thoughts, feelings, words and actions all produce outcomes and it all starts with our intent. Courage is a most beautiful energy that assists us in moving forward even when we feel we can’t. 

“I can do it!” Such a wonderful affirmation and with it comes the energy of strength and determination. Courage is such a precious gift of love, such a precious value that lies within every heart on this planet, available to utilise whenever/however needed!!

Be courageous on your life’s journey, there are so many adventures to be had and so much loving support along the way! As in a stanza of my children’s song ‘Cloak of Courage’ it states:

‘Courage cannot be bought, it cannot be sold

It overcomes fear, it’s what you alone hold.

Be kind to yourself and to others too

You are all that you need and it is up to you!

Let’s all remember ‘courage comes from within!’

Lisa :)
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