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True forgiveness is sending love to those who did you wrong and in loving yourself unconditionally as well.

We all bring out the best or worst in each other. Scenarios are played out all the time, to show us where we are ‘coming from.’
If we look at a situation with the thoughts
‘What am I learning here?
How would the very best part of me respond?
Then we take the ‘sting’ out of the equation. We don’t see ourselves as a ‘victim’ we see ourselves as ‘becoming’ for we are always offered opportunities to grow and learn.

Think back on a past scenario you had with someone close, who brought out the feelings of anger, resentment, rage, humiliated, distant or hurt in you. You could feel yourself build the brick wall around your heart to protect yourself and to stop the pain that stewed in your mind and body, every time you thought of the incident or heard the persons name.

Dr. Wayne Dyer once said ‘It’s not the snake bite that kills you, it’s the venom that runs through your veins.’ This is really something worth reflecting upon. We are with ourselves every moment of every day and we are the ones who carry around the hurt and suffering, the pain and blame.

If we look at life through the ‘eyes of forgiveness’ through the ‘heart of forgiveness’ we see the whole scenario from a different perspective. We come from ‘love’ instead of ‘fear’ – love being all the positives in life and fear of course, being the negatives. As we love, we feel lighter and brighter and this is felt within every cell of our body – we were created to ‘feel good!’ Feeling good is a healthy and productive energy isn’t it?

It’s up to us whether we forgive or not. We may say “I forgive” yet are we still carrying around the negatives?

A good way to approach the scenario is to see that everyone comes from their own perspective in life and we may or may not agree with where that person is coming from. We don’t walk each other’s paths and so we don’t really know why a person chooses to act or respond the way they do.

If we look at the scenario with ‘What am I learning here?’ We open to ‘compassion’ a beautiful value/aspect of love that is kind and comforting to the heart.

We may be learning to stand on our own two feet (self worth) We may be learning to let go of a pattern we’ve been carrying around for a long time… Perhaps we might be challenged to respond in a way that is less confronting… Perhaps we are learning that patience is what is required or perhaps it’s just to be more flexible…

Next time you encounter a situation that offers you an opportunity to see just how forgiving you are, take a moment to reflect and progress. Accept the way you feel and remember, no one ‘made you feel this way’ this came from you. Own your feelings, acknowledge your feelings, and then ask yourself “what am I learning here?”

Perhaps take a moment in your spare time to write and write and move that energy from what’s been stewing inside of you to putting it down onto paper and then what you choose to do with it is up to you. Releasing in a positive way is a very health and loving thing to do for yourself. If you can’t forgive the person face to face, use your imagination and visualise what it is you would like to say to them
“I feel angry/upset/disappointed… when you… for this again is moving you forward.

True forgiveness is offering love to the person and gratitude for the whole scenario. This is taking forgiveness one step further for it is a gift from your heart to theirs. A loving gift. As a buddy, they have played their role well supporting you generously in helping you grow and learn. If the scenario didn’t happen, you would not have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, let go – release your pain and blame and love unconditionally.

Here’s two songs of mine regarding this beautiful value:

‘Forgive yourself and move forward, we all deserve a happy day
Forgive yourself and move forward, doesn’t matter what others might say
Forgive yourself and move forward, let go of your pain and your blame
Forgive yourself and move forward, let your heart shine bright once again.’

‘Today is a good day to say “I’m sorry.”
If I’ve hurt someone or if I’ve been unkind.
For when I am sorry I can start again,
I will feel happy, I’ll feel good inside.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Let’s be friends, let’s start again.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Let’s be friends, let’s start again.”

We are all children at heart, we all wish to be cared for and loved unconditionally.

Be the ‘gift of forgiveness’ this holiday season.
You can’t change another yet you can change yourself
and respond in a positive, uplifting, loving way and… this then creates change around you in positive ‘uplifting/loving’ ways…




What will this week bring?

As we open to life, life opens to us! Change happens all the time, nothing ever stays the same for we are always ‘becoming’ learning and growing through each experience, each opportunity we are given throughout our minute, hour, day, week, month, year!!

Don’t be afraid of change, embrace the moment with an openness of heart and mind. I have a little ditty I wish to share with you that I include in my Christmas performance for children. This is all about coping with change, change of who’s around the Christmas table this year compared to last year… of starting the year with a different teacher or class or perhaps a different school. Here are the words to this little ditty:

“It is only a moment in time, it is only a moment in time
I’m all I need to be to bring the best out in me!
It is only a moment in time.”

Allow yourself to be relaxed, open to what this moment brings, knowing that you too are all you need to be, to encounter and work within the experience you are going through… right here, right now. We are beautifully supported upon our journey in life, perhaps if you are not coping or need that extra helping hand, don’t be afraid to reach out and not stop till you receive the help you need. Asking for help offers others an opportunity to be compassionate, wise and loving in their response to that most beautiful person that you are. You deserve the very best life offers, don’t be afraid, be courageous and bring the best out in yourself and if the best at this moment is to ask for help then go with it.

“I’m all I need to be to bring the best out in me! It is only a moment in time.”




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Are you aware of the many studies conducted concerning the positive benefits of caring? I’d like to quickly share with you just a few. Scientific studies at Harvard University have shown that a simple act of kindness directed towards another not only helps those in need; it helps the person extending the kindness within the process. Even more wonderful is that any child or adult observing the act of kindness also releases the same chemical Immunoglobin A, an antibody that enhances immune function (the body’s first defense against the common cold virus) within their brain and again this gives the same wonderful healthy benefits to this person.


(Taken from Lawrence Scanlan ‘Be good. It’s good for you.’ The Globe and Mail article Aug 21,2012)




Endorphins are released in the brain making us ‘feel good.’


Dopamine levels also increase offering us a natural increase of energy and happiness – a ‘helpers high’, followed by an overall sense of calmness and wellbeing.


Serotonin a naturally occurring neurochemical is produced which regulates mood, and has a calming, anti-anxiety effect.


Oxytocin is also released and this lowers blood pressure and the sensation of physical pain and decreases free radicals and inflammation and thereby slowing down the aging process.


The Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Foundation’s 2011-2012 did a pilot study of three public Colarado schools and revealed:


Academic achievement was enhanced by 11%

Cultural sensitivity by 29%

Social and emotional development by 63%


Kindness curricula is also embraced by many schools as a means to address bullying

Taken from Benita Silver ‘The Health and Science of Kindness 2013’.


Dr. Anthony Grant says ‘Some simple ways to practice random acts of kindness include letting someone in front of you or in a queue, opening the door for someone and saying something nice to everyone you meet today’.


Dr. Anthony Grant ‘8 Steps to Happiness’ The Science of getting happy. Based on the Australian TV Series ‘Making Australia Happy’


We don’t have to be anything other than ourselves no matter how old we are to make a positive difference to our day and in our world.


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”.

– Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)


“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution”

– Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931)


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Ghandi (1869-1948)


“Kindness gives birth to kindness.”

– Sophocies (497/6BC-406/5 BC)


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)


“Carry out random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that someone might do the same for you”

– Princess Diana (1961-1997)


‘The Comforting Song’ from the album ‘Shine Your Light,’ reinforces that caring is a ‘loving thing to do’ for both the giver and receiver: ‘It’s being loving to me, it’s being loving to you.’ How wonderful for young children to experience all these healthy benefits!


Director, please read the words to the Comforting Song encouraging young children to be kind and considerate, to really share from the heart.


When you’re feeling sad, I will cuddle you
Feeling cold, I’ll find something warm for you
When you cry out loud, a tissue I’ll bring
‘Cause I care about you and these are comforting things
It’s being loving to me; it’s being loving to you
Being kind and loving is my gift to you
A helping hand I’d give to help you out
’Cause I care about you and that’s what life’s about
If you’ve fallen over and hurt yourself
I will comfort you, then go and find help
And if you’re all alone, don’t know what to do
I’ll come over and play and be a friend to you


The Comforting Song is downloadable for only $1.69 on my website.

You just may find some extra gems within the album ‘Shine Your Light’, that can assist your teachers in creating and promoting harmony and wellbeing.


Please take a look at the song & album on my website:


Teachers can download outcomes taken from the EYLF for this song, making programming easier: –


The Poster Pack ‘LOVE IS… giving the gift of good manners’ promotes practical ways in which children may offer the gift of kindness to those who share in their day.

Wishing you all that’s loving and positive in life. May each moment, bring endless joy and happiness!

 Lisa Brockwell :)


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What will you focus upon today?

We are energy in motion. Everything is energy, even the thoughts we think. If we think these thoughts again and again, and again… they create an energetic pattern that in turn we believe and live out. So I encourage you today to watch your thoughts and change them if needed.

Congratulation if your thoughts are loving and positive. At times this is hard to do as we get caught in the emotions when the difficulties occur. I encourage you to forgive yourself and create a fresh start with the thoughts ‘ I acknowledge I am feeling … This is only a moment in time, I forgive … And I forgive myself too and I now flip the coin and choose better feeling thoughts such as ….(whatever is appropriate at the time) it certainly helps create a day that is worth living. It all comes from how we are processing life and it all begins with ‘me’ as I alone am responsible for my energy. Change the energy within changes the energy around me for it’s all from my perspective.

What we focus upon expands. May your day be a beautiful one with sunshine and blue sky – beginning with you – the way you are thinking, feeling, speaking and acting. As in my song ‘Stand Tall’ the words are: “Stand Tall and hold your head high, no matter what this day brings, you can let your light shine!” You can do it!

Here are some affirmations to help you along the way. As is said ‘fake it till you make it!’ Say and feel them again and again – you then create that energy. Remember, thoughts, feelings, words, actions become habit, become outcomes…

I focus upon the positives and release the negatives with love. 
I allow all that is loving and positive to be mine today. 
I create a fresh new start right here, right now.
I find the positives within the negatives.
I am willing to release the pattern in me that created these conditions.
I deserve the best and I accept it now.
I allow help to come to me.
I am prosperous.
I am well.
I am loved.
I am successful.
I am supported.
I am all I need to be.
I am abundant.
I am beautiful.
I am patient.
I am peace, I am love, I am that I am.

Perhaps you can add your own positive affirmations too. (If you are a teacher perhaps you could do this for your class.) A great idea is to write the affirmations neatly and place them around your house/office/school room and car…