© 2017 Lisa Brockwell

Presents presents everywhere

Some for ourselves and some we’ll share

We have to wait to open them too

It’s the rules of the house and it’s hard to do


Why is waiting so hard to do?

It happens for me and it happens for you

“Keep busy” says Mum, it will shorten the time

Till we’ll open the presents yours and mine


It’s all around the Christmas tree

Where presents lie for you and me

Shapes and sizes for all to see

It’s all around the Christmas tree


It’s Christmas Day and here’s the stash

This pressy feels good and so does that

We all like to see what’s under the wrapping

It’s just the best part when it all starts happening


Laughter and “oohs!” and “ahs” are there

As we open our presents and the wrapping we tear

We got what we wanted or maybe not

At least now we know just what we got!


So now we leave we go off to play

With what we got for the rest of the day

And when I look back at that Christmas tree

There’s nothing left for you and me!


I remember…. It was ….

All around the Christmas tree