My Gift Of Love Book

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A book for every child, reminding them that they ARE love, and are greatly loved!
We are all presents packaged in different ways on the outside with abundant hidden treasures. Throughout our lives we surprise ourselves; constantly discovering our magnificence. Our most precious gifts are those that lie within.
Here's what people say:
'I read this book to my 3yr old daughter.  She loved it!  The book reminds and reaffirms what life is really all about'. Scot - a dad
'A great gift idea.  It is a lovely way to record those wonderful moments with the grandchildren.  I am sure it will be on high rotation in any household'. Pamela - a grandma

'I want to use this NOW!' Janelle - a preschool teacher

'At the end of the day children can go to bed knowing that, just as they are; they are loved and treasured.' Gerri - a mum

How will you share and celebrate your wonderful gift of love today?