Lighthouse Books

Lighthouse Books For Kids presents stories that encourage and support personal growth.  Our first book My Gift of Love’ reminds children that they are a most beautiful and precious ‘gift of love!’ 


“It is a beautiful book that captures the true gift of loving others, and importantly, loving yourself.” Ruth (a mum)

For those who have the blessings of children in their lives, there is a section at the back of the book designed to help you ask interactive questions and/or perform a few little activities with the children. It is easy to read, and has been welcomed by preschool and infant class teachers, parents, grandparents and family members. It provides an opportunity to write down the wonderful comments your children give that are so much a treasured family memory. This section also enables teachers to write notes relevant to the individual needs and accomplishments of their students.


“Teachers, parents, and all those reading to young children will find the section
‘For those who have the blessings of children in their lives’ a great help as it guides through interactive questions and gives simple answers to what love is.”
Kathleen Bryant (Editor)

Teachers have commented that this book is one of a kind as it supports them through the prompting questions, whilst reinforcing teaching programmes.  If a child needs more encouragement in understanding/practising a particular value, they may turn to the appropriate page for this theme, read the simple sentence, noting the illustration whilst gaining further understanding through interactive questioning.



The simplicity of My Gift of Love enables young children to memorise and read the simple sentences (reminding themselves that they are love) as well as admiring the accompanied illustrations.

It is a colourful book that is written for every child with the intent of celebrating life and love.

How will you share and celebrate your wonderful gift of love today?


Where Do All The Odd Socks Go?

 An Audio Story By Lisa Brockwell 

Please listen to a snippet from the story. It’s great for theme days and embraces the uniqueness of the individual, recognising that we are all ‘odd socks’ living together in a colourful home!


‘Odd socks make the world go around, odd socks are found in every town, odd socks can brighten your day and colour the world in their odd sock way!’ (a little ditty taken from the story)