Performance and Song Appraisals


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The performance had many excellent themes regarding student wellbeing and was presented in an engaging way. The audience participation was enjoyed by students. Great positive messages presented to the students. “Shaking your yuckies” was a good concept for these kids. Wadalba Community School.

Inspiring. Highly valuable positive aspect strategies. Labelling concept was especially spot on. You have a wonderful personal connection with kids.  Elermore Vale Public School

A beautiful and positive show with a love message for the children. The children were very engaged with the puppet. A lot of messages to follow up with in in class.  St. Peter’s Catholic School Stockton



Appraisal from an Anglican Minister.

This is a recommendations for Lisa Brockwell of Lighthouse Centre For learning.  I have known Lisa for two years now and find her to be a person of strong character and morals.

I am the convenor of our annual Artsiest committee and asked Lisa to entertain the children at the presentation of the the children’s prize giving on Sat 3rd August, 2013.  Lisa did an incredible job entertaining both children and adults.  One little girl was not interested to start with, she held a book up in front of herself and tried to ignore what was going on.  It didn’t take long before she was enjoying herself as much as the others and was sorry when it was over.

I then asked Lisa to come to Kanwal Public School on the 5th Dec, 2013 to entertain the Anglican and Catholic end of year K- 6 Scripture Class Assembly.  Lisa and her son Thomas entertained a couple of hundred children along with school and scripture teachers and the principal.  The children and adults loved the performance, enjoying Lisa’s songs and puppets and were sorry to see it end.

Both of Lisa’s performances were relevant, professional and had good Biblical and ethical content with a big emphasis on love and respect for self and others and how much God loves them.  I would highly recommend Lisa to any organisation, primary or preschool.

Reverend Helen Gilkison. 
Lakes Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit

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Appraisal from a Social Worker & Counsellor.

In my work as a Social Worker and Counsellor, I come across many adults who have never consciously thought about their values and have wandered through life without an internal barometer to guide them in tough times.  For this reason, I highly recommend Lisa Brockwell’s creative work CD ‘Shine Your Light’.  It teaches our very young members of the community key values that set them up for life.  The messages of self-care and self-respect are also highly emphasised in Lisa’s light and catchy songs, having the change to be embedded in the young child’s mind.  The songs are great teaching tools that help preschoolers and young students to learn how to ‘rub along with each other’ and set them up on the journey of becoming responsible and caring citizens in our world.  I highly recommend Lisa’ work.

Beate Steller                                                                                                                                         M.A.Ed., BSW (Hon), R.N. 


Appraisal from a Primary School Teacher.

Lisa’s songs teach children important tools for life – taking turns, good manners, resilience, addressing feelings…

The songs deliver powerful ‘life learning’ in a subtle and engaging format.  Children are exposed to much sophistication in an adult world and Lisa’s music reaches children at their level, drawing on a children’s sense of fun and humour, whilst relaying messages of love, encouragement and understanding to the individual child.

I have known Lisa for 27 years and her passion and enthusiasm shine through in her approach to life and especially inner work with children.

Therese Flynn-Clarke                                                                                                                             B’Ed & Dip.Vis. Arts


PRESCHOOL PERFORMANCE                                                                                                                       Appraisal from a Preschool Director.

Lisa had the children engaged from the very beginning, involving them in the stories and songs.  Her use of puppetry enticed the children to see life from different perspectives.  Each bear and puppet had their message to share, having the children reflect on what’s important in life.  The children enjoyed singing and dancing and celebrating with Lisa, especially twirling their rainbow coloured ribbons.  It was lovely to see so much colour and so many happy faces.  One golden gem Lisa left our preschool was how to turn ‘I can’t, into I can!’ a very valuable lesson indeed!  Her perspective also inspired our staff to ‘look outside the square!’

Anne Unger                                                                                                                                           Director, Gosford Cubbyhouse


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For further performance recommendations, please see Lighthouse Music For Kids Preschool Page (click here) . Remember, I am only just now entering into the Primary Schools with the Personal Development & Wellbeing Performances.