Performing NOW in Sydney, on the  Central Coast and in Newcastle, Australia:

        ‘I CARE!’

        A Preschool Educational Musical Performance

Everyone wishes to be cared for in one way or another, it’s a part of life and living.  Being kind and courteous (even at such an early age,) sharing love in this way, has the ability to heal, bring order to chaos, enhance optimism and self control.

‘LOVE touches the heart always!’ Caring for ourselves, those who share in our day, what we’re given to learn and grow through and the world in which we live, creates harmony and well-being’ says Lisa.

Within this performance (with the help of Lisa’s puppet and bear friends) children discover the magic of ‘sharing the goodness that’s within’ and just what a difference it makes when we care. 

 About the Preschool Musical Performance

Self control, good manners, taking turns, being kind and considerate, listening and obeying rules are expanded upon in loving ways, through the stories and songs. 

The musical performance goes for approximately 40 minutes and the songs used within the performance are from Lisa’s album ‘Shine Your Light!’  

The educational musical performance provides important life skills that assist children to manage their emotions, interacting in the world with confidence and compassion, respect and co-operation.Slide1 copy 16



‘It was fantastic!’                                                                                                                                          Highland Grove Preschool, Green Point 

‘We are teaching this right now and it’s great to have your show’                                                         Dinki Di Children’s Learning Centre, Gorokan

‘The messages within the songs were terrific!’                                                                                           The Beach Preschool Tuggerah

‘The content was so appropriate, it was really, really good!’                                                               Cherry Tree Kindergarten, Sutherland

‘They loved the puppet and teddy bears.’                                                                                                Little Coasties, Erina

‘They loved dancing with the ribbons.’                                                                                                   Gosford Cubbyhouse

‘Now we can utilize what you’ve shared with us today.’                                                                      Mission Australia Preschool, Bateau Bay

‘We’ve never had such an action packed show before, we’ll definitely have you back again!’                 Kindy Kollege, Gorokan 

‘They were entertained from start to finish, thank you they had a lot of fun!’                                           Family Tree Learning Centre, Bateau Bay

‘The children really loved the show, they were so involved!’                                                                      Woy Woy Preschool

‘It was great, a most engaging show, we’ll definitely have you back again next year’                 Kincumber Preschool



Come join in the fun and learn a little along the way!

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