I used to take horse ‘trail rides’ down at Otford Farm south of Sydney, Australia in my youth every Sunday, whilst I was studying at teachers collage. It was truly wonderful riding through the magnificent farm and  Royal National Park and guiding people with various stages of riding experiences. There were always two guides and I would either lead the trail or fall behind, being the last person so as to keep the group together. We would have up to 20 people in our group at times or perhaps two or three depending on who turned up.

Oxford Farm offered Mountain Scenery, Waterfalls, Rainforests, Goats, Ducks, Chooks, Ponies, Horse Riding Lessons, Stables and I began my experience there by cleaning the horse stables. It was a test to see how keen I was!

I remember taking out a group of deaf people one Sunday and that was a beautiful experience and challenging in itself. Challenging as people are focusing on where the horse is leading them rather than on instructions given. I also remember taking out people who couldn’t speak English and this too was a very similar experience. I would often take my friends down for a ride as well as it was simply breath taking and so enjoyable.

Last night I decided to look up the farm over the internet to see if it had changed and in little ways it has. It now has a covered arena and offers accommodation and it’s nice to see how it’s evolved. What I found whilst looking was the desire to check it out over You Tube and I took some time to actually go on a virtue horse ride with one of the fellows who had a camera attached to his helmut. It felt absolutely wonderful to do ride the trail with him… Oh what a world we live in! It brought back great memories of ‘which trail had he taken’ as I had to search my memory bank for the trail as he ventured along.

Okay why am I sharing this today? There are times in our lives it does us good to go back and remember what we once cherished and to relive this in one way or another. It is ALWAYS good to be grateful as it clears the mind and opens the heart and, refreshes our energy. Time no longer exists where joy resides and I encourage you today to take some time out and truly go back, whether it is in a meditative state or even as I did over the internet and simply ‘be’ in the energy you once cherished.

May peace be yours,
Lisa :)
Oh by the way, the photo is of my horse (The horse I always chose for myself) ‘Tooey’ and myself way back when….

Good feelings, always feel good!!