What will this week bring?

As we open to life, life opens to us! Change happens all the time, nothing ever stays the same for we are always ‘becoming’ learning and growing through each experience, each opportunity we are given throughout our minute, hour, day, week, month, year!!

Don’t be afraid of change, embrace the moment with an openness of heart and mind. I have a little ditty I wish to share with you that I include in my Christmas performance for children. This is all about coping with change, change of who’s around the Christmas table this year compared to last year… of starting the year with a different teacher or class or perhaps a different school. Here are the words to this little ditty:

“It is only a moment in time, it is only a moment in time
I’m all I need to be to bring the best out in me!
It is only a moment in time.”

Allow yourself to be relaxed, open to what this moment brings, knowing that you too are all you need to be, to encounter and work within the experience you are going through… right here, right now. We are beautifully supported upon our journey in life, perhaps if you are not coping or need that extra helping hand, don’t be afraid to reach out and not stop till you receive the help you need. Asking for help offers others an opportunity to be compassionate, wise and loving in their response to that most beautiful person that you are. You deserve the very best life offers, don’t be afraid, be courageous and bring the best out in yourself and if the best at this moment is to ask for help then go with it.

“I’m all I need to be to bring the best out in me! It is only a moment in time.”