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What will you focus upon today?

We are energy in motion. Everything is energy, even the thoughts we think. If we think these thoughts again and again, and again… they create an energetic pattern that in turn we believe and live out. So I encourage you today to watch your thoughts and change them if needed.

Congratulation if your thoughts are loving and positive. At times this is hard to do as we get caught in the emotions when the difficulties occur. I encourage you to forgive yourself and create a fresh start with the thoughts ‘ I acknowledge I am feeling … This is only a moment in time, I forgive … And I forgive myself too and I now flip the coin and choose better feeling thoughts such as ….(whatever is appropriate at the time) it certainly helps create a day that is worth living. It all comes from how we are processing life and it all begins with ‘me’ as I alone am responsible for my energy. Change the energy within changes the energy around me for it’s all from my perspective.

What we focus upon expands. May your day be a beautiful one with sunshine and blue sky – beginning with you – the way you are thinking, feeling, speaking and acting. As in my song ‘Stand Tall’ the words are: “Stand Tall and hold your head high, no matter what this day brings, you can let your light shine!” You can do it!

Here are some affirmations to help you along the way. As is said ‘fake it till you make it!’ Say and feel them again and again – you then create that energy. Remember, thoughts, feelings, words, actions become habit, become outcomes…

I focus upon the positives and release the negatives with love. 
I allow all that is loving and positive to be mine today. 
I create a fresh new start right here, right now.
I find the positives within the negatives.
I am willing to release the pattern in me that created these conditions.
I deserve the best and I accept it now.
I allow help to come to me.
I am prosperous.
I am well.
I am loved.
I am successful.
I am supported.
I am all I need to be.
I am abundant.
I am beautiful.
I am patient.
I am peace, I am love, I am that I am.

Perhaps you can add your own positive affirmations too. (If you are a teacher perhaps you could do this for your class.) A great idea is to write the affirmations neatly and place them around your house/office/school room and car…