What a great way to retrain the brain! As we accentuate the positives, we create a positive mindset and what we focus upon expands. Take an example such as noticing how many white cars there are on the road. As you notice white cars, your eyes are naturally drawn to ‘white cars’ and you’ll find (I guarantee) that by the end of the day you won’t believe how many ‘white cars’ there are out there on the road!  It’s the same as what we focus upon, the energy of whatever this is, expands and we experience more of what we are focused upon.

Don’t allow your fears to hold you back in life, take the reigns and move forward fearlessly! Allow yourself to open to new experiences, allow yourself to really feel the joy that each new experience brings. Your struggles will naturally fall away as you open to positive enriching experiences. Again focus is the key, focus positively upon what it is you wish to have in your life, focus and be grateful for all that has been positive, remember what we focus upon ‘expands’ and we receive more and more of this.

I encourage you to accentuate the positives and as you do you eliminate the negatives! Light dissipates the dark, allow your faith and courage to dissipate negativity. Live, truly live your life in gratitude, in peace, in love and in the faith that the future is as it needs to be to support you in every way… in every way!

Keep the focus, do the work and live life to the full!

Lisa :)