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True forgiveness is sending love to those who did you wrong and in loving yourself unconditionally as well.

We all bring out the best or worst in each other. Scenarios are played out all the time, to show us where we are ‘coming from.’
If we look at a situation with the thoughts
‘What am I learning here?
How would the very best part of me respond?
Then we take the ‘sting’ out of the equation. We don’t see ourselves as a ‘victim’ we see ourselves as ‘becoming’ for we are always offered opportunities to grow and learn.

Think back on a past scenario you had with someone close, who brought out the feelings of anger, resentment, rage, humiliated, distant or hurt in you. You could feel yourself build the brick wall around your heart to protect yourself and to stop the pain that stewed in your mind and body, every time you thought of the incident or heard the persons name.

Dr. Wayne Dyer once said ‘It’s not the snake bite that kills you, it’s the venom that runs through your veins.’ This is really something worth reflecting upon. We are with ourselves every moment of every day and we are the ones who carry around the hurt and suffering, the pain and blame.

If we look at life through the ‘eyes of forgiveness’ through the ‘heart of forgiveness’ we see the whole scenario from a different perspective. We come from ‘love’ instead of ‘fear’ – love being all the positives in life and fear of course, being the negatives. As we love, we feel lighter and brighter and this is felt within every cell of our body – we were created to ‘feel good!’ Feeling good is a healthy and productive energy isn’t it?

It’s up to us whether we forgive or not. We may say “I forgive” yet are we still carrying around the negatives?

A good way to approach the scenario is to see that everyone comes from their own perspective in life and we may or may not agree with where that person is coming from. We don’t walk each other’s paths and so we don’t really know why a person chooses to act or respond the way they do.

If we look at the scenario with ‘What am I learning here?’ We open to ‘compassion’ a beautiful value/aspect of love that is kind and comforting to the heart.

We may be learning to stand on our own two feet (self worth) We may be learning to let go of a pattern we’ve been carrying around for a long time… Perhaps we might be challenged to respond in a way that is less confronting… Perhaps we are learning that patience is what is required or perhaps it’s just to be more flexible…

Next time you encounter a situation that offers you an opportunity to see just how forgiving you are, take a moment to reflect and progress. Accept the way you feel and remember, no one ‘made you feel this way’ this came from you. Own your feelings, acknowledge your feelings, and then ask yourself “what am I learning here?”

Perhaps take a moment in your spare time to write and write and move that energy from what’s been stewing inside of you to putting it down onto paper and then what you choose to do with it is up to you. Releasing in a positive way is a very health and loving thing to do for yourself. If you can’t forgive the person face to face, use your imagination and visualise what it is you would like to say to them
“I feel angry/upset/disappointed… when you… for this again is moving you forward.

True forgiveness is offering love to the person and gratitude for the whole scenario. This is taking forgiveness one step further for it is a gift from your heart to theirs. A loving gift. As a buddy, they have played their role well supporting you generously in helping you grow and learn. If the scenario didn’t happen, you would not have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, let go – release your pain and blame and love unconditionally.

Here’s two songs of mine regarding this beautiful value:

‘Forgive yourself and move forward, we all deserve a happy day
Forgive yourself and move forward, doesn’t matter what others might say
Forgive yourself and move forward, let go of your pain and your blame
Forgive yourself and move forward, let your heart shine bright once again.’

‘Today is a good day to say “I’m sorry.”
If I’ve hurt someone or if I’ve been unkind.
For when I am sorry I can start again,
I will feel happy, I’ll feel good inside.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Let’s be friends, let’s start again.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Let’s be friends, let’s start again.”

We are all children at heart, we all wish to be cared for and loved unconditionally.

Be the ‘gift of forgiveness’ this holiday season.
You can’t change another yet you can change yourself
and respond in a positive, uplifting, loving way and… this then creates change around you in positive ‘uplifting/loving’ ways…



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Love heals all wounds.

As we acknowledge our ‘unwanted’ emotions in our lives, we are able to do something about them. In order to move forward, we always have the opportunity to seek help or help ourselves to heal. This is your mind, your body and your spirit so be gentle and kind to yourself in the process.

I’ve outlined a few ideas we can utilise to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move forward in life. If you need professional help then what a beautiful loving gift you can give yourself, definitely go out and allow yourself to receive the help you need. Friends and family too if they are around, remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Here are two more ways that can help heal, that I didn’t put in the picture:

Tears are healing so don’t forget to cry till you can cry no more. 

Forgiveness is a biggie too. To forgive is to let go of our pain and our blame and as we do, we begin again on our life path, feeling lighter and brighter. It’s about us taking care of ourselves and loving ourself enough to say “Enough! It’s now time to let it all go and give my mind and body the gift of peace, the gift of healing, I’m the one walking in my shoes 24/7 and I deserve all the good life has to offer.”

I hope my suggestions help however needed. Help is always at hand, we just need to lift our heads and look around. Perhaps it’s even to take a good look in the mirror and start with ‘what is it I can do, right here, right now to ease my pain and suffering?’ Then check out my suggestions, see which one jumps out at you and start there.

May peace of heart and mind be yours today.

Lisa Brockwell :)



Today, I encourage you to look deeper than what others are showing you and to look deeper as to how you are experiencing and responding to life. 

People see their lives in so many ways, when they’re unpleasant they’re ‘feeling that way’. Fears are what holds people back in life from being the ‘sunshine’ that they truly are (including us). Fears of failure, fears of lack of control, fears of not being accepted for who they are, fears of loss, fears of ‘what if’s’ and so on…

Quite often our fears lay in future possibilities or pattens from the past we project we may experience once again. We can always call our energy back from fears of the future and from the dramas of the past through mindful intent. This is our most powerful moment for this moment creates the next and the next and so on…
We have it within us to change our patterns and think better feeling thoughts about ourselves, others and the world in which we live. All it requires is to watch our thoughts and change them if they are unpleasant.

‘Forgiveness’ is the key to moving forward in life, acknowledging our very own sunshine. To forgive is to let go of the hurt, pain and suffering we’ve experienced and to allow ourselves to heal. As we do this, we are moving forward in a most beautiful, positive and loving and uplifting way.

Forgiveness offers us a fresh start, right here, right now. It releases the heavy coat we’ve been wearing, the heavy load we’ve been carrying. Forgiveness lets go of those thoughts we’ve been regurgitating again and again and again. Forgiveness opens the heart and mind and is a powerful tonic for our ills. When we forgive we feel lighter and brighter and yep… that’s what the sun is! It’s who we truly are beneath the dramas in life. We are beautiful loving people underneath all these fears and we have so much love to share. We can hold this love back through fear ‘conditional love’ or we can allow this pristine energy to flow through regardless of our judgements, ‘unconditional love’. The choice is ours.

We always (all ways) have it within us to rise above and shine like the sunshine that lights our day and the stars that light the night sky. What will your response be to all that life presents, right here, right now with whatever you are dealing with or with whoever you are sharing with?

I encourage you to ‘let fear be gone and love be in it’s place!’ Love lightens the load, love leads the way, love is who you truly are and love is the sunshine that always shines so bright and far.

Allow your light to shine bright, lighten up and bring joy to your day. Life is what we make of it! It all starts with our intent and what a wonderful world it would be if we forgive and simply love. 

Shine bright and far my friends!!

Lisa Brockwell :)

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Are you still carrying the negativity of unforgiveness within your heart?

If your heart were to speak it would say that it hurts and a hurtful heart is not good for your body. Think of its weight, of its pain = not good! We and we alone are responsible for our energy and it is our responsibility to release our hurts, to allow healing to be in its place.

We CAN’T control people (bad luck!) nor do we have the right, yet we CAN control how we feel. We are all on our separate paths of self discovery and if at this present moment, you’re discovering there is an issue or unforgiveness that you need to deal with, work on it RIGHT NOW and give yourself the gift of healing. ‘LET IT GO!’ In other words, take off that heavy coat of blame and pain, it’s not doing you or anyone else any good. Stop living in the past and create a wonderful fresh new day and life for yourself. As you let go, you’ll feel lighter and brighter and you’ll have more positive energy and a healthier heart as well!

Every day offers us fresh opportunities to look after our health and a healthy heart is so very important wouldn’t you agree? So instead of carrying the hurt, write it down and tear it up or put it into an imaginary bubble of emerald green (the colour of healing) and blow the bubble away, watching it float up into the sky or perhaps if you feel the person is approachable go to them and express how you feel. I learnt years ago when doing telephone counselling for Life Line, a good way to express yourself may be ‘I felt hurt and upset when you said/did… and then take it from there, this way you are expressing your feelings and owning them. 

We all carry with us our insecurities or stack of negatives and fears and there are times we release them in one way or another due to a trigger of some kind – if we’re holding anger within and your button is pushed the anger is released just like the orange juice of an orange when cut, perhaps blame lies within and once again when someone says or does something that pushes your button this comes out in a way that’s not nice at all… Everyone, every single person on this planet is here dealing with issues and we all have been hurt in one way or another. When someone pushes our buttons, we are given an opportunity to observe ourselves and recognise the so called ‘triggers’ and then as I’ve mentioned do something positive about it.

Triggers give us an opportunity for change from the negative to the positive if we are willing too look at our issues. Let’s not forget every day of every week is full of opportunities and thus more shall come in one way or another to bring our attention to what needs to be looked out, to help release our burdens, our issues – all the negatives of the past so that we can lighten up and enjoy our life in a healthy and happy way. This is the process of life and living for everyone.  It certainly is possible to change our energy from the negative to the positive and as we do this, more and more we no longer feel angst when the same words are fired at us, or the person we once responded too in a negative way does the same actions that used used to get up our nose and now… there is nought but peace. It is possible and this process is called ‘growth’ for we have experienced the lesson learnt and no longer need it within our lives as we no longer react in the negative.

I’ve mentioned you can’t control other people, you can’t get behind their eyes and make them see or do. People only here what they are ready to hear and see what they want to see. Realise that they too are coming from their own perspective and that what they say and do is all about them and their journey in life. They respond the way they choose however that is and like I’ve mentioned, we can’t help them unless they are ready to be helped. We are all responsible for our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. So I suggest once again to look at yourself and to look after your energy, what it is you are offering the world. Take some time out now to reflect for as you do you progress once again upon your life’s journey with greater insight, greater wisdom and in turn you make wise choices, choices that enable you to feel a certain way, to act with a greater understanding that you really do make a difference and you are looking after yourself along the way.

So as my song ‘Forgiveness’ says: 
‘Let go of your blame it’s time to move on 
Doesn’t matter who’s right, doesn’t matter who’s wrong.’

Let go and heal, you deserve a happy, healthy day and a positive and loving life!

If you are in any danger then I suggest you seek help or you feel you could do well by seeking professional help within this situation then do so, again look after your energy.

Lisa :)

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