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Open your heart and mind
Open… to sharing the love that you are
Open… to receiving the love that is offered, just for you.

As we open we allow, and as we allow we receive. 

Are you truly allowing others to share their love with you? 
Are you truly allowing help to come your way? 
By allowing others to help us, to care for us, to share with us, we are allowing them to be kind, thoughtful, caring and considerate. This is a gift unto itself, wouldn’t you agree? We learn of love through shared experiences and if we give, give, give without receiving then we are out of balance and, we are not allowing others to share the love that they are, with us.

Are you being thoughtful, kind, caring and considerate? 
Are you being forgiving? 
Are you being true to yourself, humble in that knowing you can be right and wrong? 
Are you courageous? 
Do you love yourself unconditionally? Are you offering love unconditionally?

Love uplifts and comes in many ways, it flows in abundance and never ends. We just need to turn the ‘tap’ on and allow the flow of love to work through us, for us and with us.

Lisa Brockwell

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We can’t buy it, no one can give it to us… COURAGE comes from within. Just like the magician that pulls the rabbit out of the hat, we are able to pull out the courage we have within when needed. How cool is that!!

Let’s remember just how powerful we truly are through with intent for our thoughts, feelings, words and actions all produce outcomes and it all starts with our intent. Courage is a most beautiful energy that assists us in moving forward even when we feel we can’t. 

“I can do it!” Such a wonderful affirmation and with it comes the energy of strength and determination. Courage is such a precious gift of love, such a precious value that lies within every heart on this planet, available to utilise whenever/however needed!!

Be courageous on your life’s journey, there are so many adventures to be had and so much loving support along the way! As in a stanza of my children’s song ‘Cloak of Courage’ it states:

‘Courage cannot be bought, it cannot be sold

It overcomes fear, it’s what you alone hold.

Be kind to yourself and to others too

You are all that you need and it is up to you!

Let’s all remember ‘courage comes from within!’

Lisa :)
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Today, I encourage you to look deeper than what others are showing you and to look deeper as to how you are experiencing and responding to life. 

People see their lives in so many ways, when they’re unpleasant they’re ‘feeling that way’. Fears are what holds people back in life from being the ‘sunshine’ that they truly are (including us). Fears of failure, fears of lack of control, fears of not being accepted for who they are, fears of loss, fears of ‘what if’s’ and so on…

Quite often our fears lay in future possibilities or pattens from the past we project we may experience once again. We can always call our energy back from fears of the future and from the dramas of the past through mindful intent. This is our most powerful moment for this moment creates the next and the next and so on…
We have it within us to change our patterns and think better feeling thoughts about ourselves, others and the world in which we live. All it requires is to watch our thoughts and change them if they are unpleasant.

‘Forgiveness’ is the key to moving forward in life, acknowledging our very own sunshine. To forgive is to let go of the hurt, pain and suffering we’ve experienced and to allow ourselves to heal. As we do this, we are moving forward in a most beautiful, positive and loving and uplifting way.

Forgiveness offers us a fresh start, right here, right now. It releases the heavy coat we’ve been wearing, the heavy load we’ve been carrying. Forgiveness lets go of those thoughts we’ve been regurgitating again and again and again. Forgiveness opens the heart and mind and is a powerful tonic for our ills. When we forgive we feel lighter and brighter and yep… that’s what the sun is! It’s who we truly are beneath the dramas in life. We are beautiful loving people underneath all these fears and we have so much love to share. We can hold this love back through fear ‘conditional love’ or we can allow this pristine energy to flow through regardless of our judgements, ‘unconditional love’. The choice is ours.

We always (all ways) have it within us to rise above and shine like the sunshine that lights our day and the stars that light the night sky. What will your response be to all that life presents, right here, right now with whatever you are dealing with or with whoever you are sharing with?

I encourage you to ‘let fear be gone and love be in it’s place!’ Love lightens the load, love leads the way, love is who you truly are and love is the sunshine that always shines so bright and far.

Allow your light to shine bright, lighten up and bring joy to your day. Life is what we make of it! It all starts with our intent and what a wonderful world it would be if we forgive and simply love. 

Shine bright and far my friends!!

Lisa Brockwell :)

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No matter today what comes our way, 
We are responsible for what we think, feel, do and say
It all begins and ends with us too
For how I see me affects how I see you.

Everything we offer comes from within
It’s how we are processing everything
No one can make us feel what we feel
It’s an expression of self and for us very real

Today let’s remember the love that we are
And come from the heart – the best choice by far!
Love holds no grudges, no judgement, no blame
It just keeps on giving again and again

May we open our hearts and open our minds
Choose to be grateful, considerate and kind
Not only to others to ourselves be true
Our world needs that loving touch from me and from you!

Lisa Brockwell :)

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