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We are one of a kind, unique and uniquely special!
How are we one of a kind?
On the ‘outside’ our bodies show us this. Science has proven no one has our finger prints, toe prints, teeth, shape of the outside of our ear, our vocals, our gate (the distance we take between one step to another) our lips and parts of our eyes! Did you know this? We are also unique and uniquely special on the ‘inside’ as well.
No one walks the path we do, the way we do walk our path!
No one has exactly the same experiences and brings to each experience what it is we bring to them! It’s what makes us tick, what we experience in life that is specifically designed just for us – otherwise it wouldn’t be in our life!We play various roles in our lives. Perhaps father/mother, son/daughter, brother/sister, aunt/uncle, cousin, neighbour, best friend, friend, housekeeper, taxi driver, birthday planner, holiday planner and then there are the jobs we are paid for…

We are all human beings ‘being’ these roles, and how we may speak to each other also is present within the role. For example, the way you speak to your partner may differ as to how you speak to your neighbour etc. etc.As you know, as we breathe in we receive, and as we breathe out we give. And this is just what life really is all about… balance!

We give to others and we receive what others give to us.I recently learnt the body systems we use when we walk that I’d also like to share with you. We use our respiratory system, our muscular system, our skeletal system, our nervous system, our circulatory system, integumentary system. These systems work together without us even thinking about them. Our heart beats without us telling it too, we breathe in and out without even thinking about it. We truly are incredible!!

Our thoughts are our own, our feelings are our own, our words and actions and our outcomes are all our own too. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, our likes and dislikes, our ups and our downs and whatever shape, size or colour we are, we each live our truths and these may vary from time to time within our lives. What we hold true for us one moment in life may change in the next moment! We are ‘becoming’ learning every day not only about ourselves about each other and the world in which we live. How cool is that! How cool are we! :)

I’d like to share with you now the words to my children’s song ‘I’m Special’

‘I’m special, so special there’s no one just like me
I’m special, so special, I’m a miracle can’t you see
If I search the whole world over, no one would be me
How cool is that, it’s a matter of fact
Just being me is unique you see…
I’m special so special, I’m very very special!

May today bring light to just how amazing, brilliant, spectacular, awesome and unique you are! Let’s appreciate ourselves, our everyday journeys and all who walk, (journey) with us, supporting us whether in the positive or negative, each and every day. May we also appreciate all opportunities that are designed perfectly for us to learn and grow through each and every day!

‘Love yourself, it’s important to do
Treat yourself well, there is only one you!
And as you share the gift of love that you are
Accept love too, open wide your heart!’
(Taken from my song: Stand Tall)

Treasure the most beautiful awesome gift you are! Love yourself and all that you are for you are perfect, perfect for what you are here to learn and grow through!!

Peace from my heart to yours,
Lisa :)




‘I am all I need to be!’

Relax in the present moment and simply love and accept yourself just as you are. You are perfect for what you are here to learn and grow through. 

You are a spark of love! 

Be your own bestie and love yourself, speak words of encouragement and support to yourself. Know that you are doing the best you can with all you know and have available right here, right now!

Appreciate just how far you’ve come on your life path. You are all you need to be at any given moment in time and the world dances at your feet. May you enjoy the dance, move to the groove and appreciate all that is given to reveal to you just how precious, how amazing, how unique and spectacular you truly are!

You are so valuable! Value yourself!!
Please have a listen to my song. It’s so important that we accept ourselves just as we are for we are with ourselves, the ones walking in our shoes 24/7 and instead of giving our power away, dancing to someone else’s tune/trying to always please others so that they will approve of us, give this approval to yourself. You are all you need to be!

Colour the world with who you are and let’s give thanks that we are not all the same. In one of my children’s songs ‘Colour The World’ is the line ‘Colour shapes and sizes are in all that we eat are in all that we drink and the people that we meet!’ Let’s be grateful that we are unique and uniquely special!!

Please click on the link to hear my song:

Accept Me Just As I Am

We all belong, we are all odd socks in such a colourful and beautiful world!

Lisa :)