Life is a journey of self-discovery. We are constantly gaining an awareness of who we are as human beings ‘being’ all that we are within any given moment in time. We live our joys and our sorrows, our successes and our failures, our strengths and our weaknesses. As we interact with those who share in our life’s journey, we live experience. We are each on our solitary path of learning and we learn through shared experiences.

At this moment in time, I ask you to stop a while and reflect upon your own journey. Find a piece of paper and write down all the wonderful events that brought great joy to your life. This is a ‘Feel Good’ exercise that you can always turn to when you need uplifting.

I also encourage you to take a fresh page and write down your greatest challenges. After each challenge, put down value you felt you were learning within the challenge. For example, if one of my closest friend or family member did something that caused me great pain – either mental, emotional or physical, I would write that my greatest challenge was to forgive them and thus ‘forgiveness’ would be the ‘value’ presented within the scenario. This would be so great a challenge for me as they are the ones closest to my heart. Perhaps there were other values they were teaching and helping me learn about myself; respect, self worth are two that come to mind straight away and so on. By doing this exercise it shall help you take the ‘sting’ out of the situation for it brings light to why the experience was offered, at a much deeper level than you have ever explored.

This exercise will assist you in seeing yourself as a ‘work in progress’ in other words you are learning about yourself and how it is you are responding to whatever life presents. I’d like to remind you that the ‘present’ – in other words the ‘moments that come and go’, are a gift to be opened and explored. These ‘now’ moments, are precisely what we could consider as ‘golden moments’ (moments to be cherished) for each has the power to change, to honor, to comfort and to bring so much enlightenment if we just stop and ponder. Wisdom comes with experience wouldn’t you agree? We are much wiser as they say ‘after the experience’.

We live patterns over and over again, different scenarios yet patterns that present issues we are here to learn through. Life is what we make of it. We are all doing the best we can at any given moment in time. The exercises I offer are to bring light to issues that have arisen in your life. Nothing is ever a waste of time for there is always so much within each given scenario and if we stop and ponder, we see the value of the experience; it’s full worth.


I hope you learn a great deal about yourself in doing these exercises. You are an absolute magnificent human being and your worth is unfathomable. You have so much to offer our world and our world has so much to offer you as well. Never forget this! Please also remember you are love and greatly loved and whenever you feel victimized in any way, know you are learning within the situation to be the ‘victor’ the one who comes out on top of your own life for you now have a greater awareness of why the scenario was there in your life. It is all about you and how you are travelling, the other person or group of people involved are helping you be all that you can be. They offer you the negative so you can be positive! As we love ourselves unconditionally we feel lighter and brighter and we are able to offer unconditional love to those who share in our day.

May you appreciate life and all it has to offer! May you feel the blessings each day presents just for you and may you feel so very loved and cherished as you walk your path of learning.

Peace from my heart to yours,


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How is love a constant you may ask?  How can it be, when those whom I share my day with sway this way and that? 

Love presents itself in many ways, or disguises. Yes, love is always ‘all ways’ there ,though we may at times tend to disagree. Quite often we get caught up in the emotion of the dramas that are happening in our life.  This emotion tends to hold us back from seeing and understanding just why this drama is within our life.  In my opinion, there are no mistakes in life, everything is for a reason. Everyone who comes into your life no matter how briefly it may be, is a part of your life for that moment for a purpose. It gives you an opportunity to have a thought of a certain kind or to have a feeling or to make a judgement. All these things are an indication of where you are really coming from.

Whether our energy is positive or negative / loving or fearful, we all have it within us to step back out of  life’s drama, pause and reflect and respond to the situation in loving ways.  Love is always ‘all ways present’ and is ‘all ways the present, the gift’, as we allow.  I’ve heard it said that ‘love is the answer to life’s difficulties!’  When we come from the heart and mind, we know we’ve offered our very best to any given situation and the outcome will always be as it needs to be for all concerned.  As we have this loving energy within us, so too does every one. Did you know love creates, love expands and love unites?

Love creates opportunities to learn and grow. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions bring about outcomes. Nothing stays still, we are constantly evolving through the choices we make in life – as within each choice, we experience cause and effect.  We celebrate our desired outcomes and we grow through what we consider are our failures. What we consider are our mistakes are just other paths of learning, we simply have more to learn. In life, we are all learning to open our hearts and minds every moment of every day and we do this through the values we live for values are expressions of love, aspects of love, names of love, and as we love our energy expands.

Quantum physics has shown how everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Love expands, it is a higher, faster vibration than fear. Fear contracts and is a slower, denser vibration. When we open our heart and respond in loving ways, we feel lighter and brighter.  When we come from our fears or the negatives in life, we do not feel as light or bright. Have you noticed when you feel good, you are open to life and living, you feel energised and full of life.  Have you also noticed when you’ve been responding in negative ways you don’t feel as bright or full of life.  In this way we create blockages within our energy flow and we don’t flow as freely as we could. Next time you are out and about, watch and learn; listen to words and how they are said, (what we say expresses and also forms belief the more we affirm it.) Look at body language and how open people are… Then take a good look at yourself and ask ‘How open am I? What do I say and believe?’  We all learn from each other and we all teach each other, working together as one to release those negative traits and patterns we’ve been carrying around bringing about harmony and wellbeing. We constantly offer each other opportunities both positive and negative and share our golden wisdom to make light of moments, to be kind and thoughtful, and simply bring joy to our day.  What a loving thing to do and… in this way, love unites!

Love unites for we are all mirrors of each other. We may not look the same, act the same way or share the same interests, yet we all feel. We all have our fears and joys and we all wish to be accepted for the person that we are. We all wish to understand and be understood, to value ourselves and be of value.  As in one of my songs ‘The Essence of Life’ it says: ‘We’re learning every day and it begins from birth to value ourselves, to value our earth. The challenge is given in so many ways – do you wonder what value you will live today?’

There are times we are offered ‘tough love.’  You know, those challenges from our loved ones that challenge us to be independent, open minded, responsible for our energy, non judgemental and to see within ourselves great self worth. We may not see this at the time and perhaps even see ourselves as  a ‘victim’ yet if we do stop, take a breath and ask:  ‘What are you showing me about your own fears? And what are you showing me about what you consider to be my own fears?’ What value am I encouraged to offer and what am I learning here? We move forward in a positive way.  Each choice is our own as to what action we decide upon and this of course shall reveal where we are coming from. Viewing life in this way takes the ‘sting’ out of the situation and leaves us open to responding in a thoughtful and loving way.  We are also challenged to accept and  allow others to be as they are, respecting their life choices… knowing that they too grow through their understandings though they may not be our own. 

What is a most loving thing to offer yourself at this moment in time?  Let’s take a quick peek at some values:

Forgiveness? Compassion? Acceptance? Respect? Self Worth? Tolerance? Humility (I can be right and I can be wrong), Honouring Your Truth? Each brings about ‘grace’ that essence of love that flows beautifully, healing, empowering, uniting and connecting us to everyone and everything. Remember to be forgiving you need to have an experience that provides this opportunity, and the same goes for each value…

May I suggest you take a moment to contemplate on what’s been suggested here in this post.  Amidst the most ‘awful’ moments in time, you just may see the positive within the negative: the ‘awe full’ in ‘awful’ and realise that whatever happened or is happening, it offered/offers opportunities for all concerned to come from a loving perspective.  In this, I say ‘LOVE IS A CONSTANT.’

Love works with us, through us and for us and… we are this love!

May you feel the ‘constant love’ that is offered this very day. May you also give yourself a great big loving hug… we’re doing the very best we can with our own understandings and we all deserve to give and feel our own loving hug right? Right!!

From my heart to yours,

Lisa :)


Alexander The Dragon


Hi everyone, I’ve just posted ‘Alexander The Dragon’ onto You Tube. 


Alexander The Dragon is a lovely little song for children of all ages. Alexander encourages us to move through life’s challenges in a positive, uplifting way.

‘I can change what I think and feel from being scared to being brave’ is the message of the song.

‘Think of all the things you love’ he says ‘it’s a simple thing to do,

you’ll feel so much better and your looking after you!’


We all have the ability to ‘flip the coin’ bringing ‘light’ to our fears again and again as we face life’s challenges. Courage is the ‘knowing’ that we have it within us to do whatever is necessary at the time, however it may be. It is the ‘light of love’ that lights the way.

As we let go of our fears, we allow ourselves to move forward in life and bring joy the ‘ride’ – (life’s adventures)…just like our friend! 

May you flip the coin when difficulties occur and light your path with love.

And as Alexander would say ‘Believe in yourself my friend, and follow your dreams!  :)


Lisa Brockwell – Lighthouse Music For Kids


Hi everyone, this is really special to me. It came from my heart and speaks of my work and inner wisdom.

I believe the message of LOVE is so important in life for it’s what life is really all about.  

Every experience… whether we feel is good or bad, is valuable for us at any age as we gain such a greater understanding about ourselves, each other and just what loving means – what makes us tick!

LOVE brings about peace, harmony and joy to our troubled world. We all want to be loved and loved without condition. We too also want to share our goodness that’s inside of us; the love that we are. This is a simple truth.  We’re learning how to go about it through the values we live for values are expressions of love, aspects of love. We’re celebrating these most beautiful values in one way or another every moment, within every challenge and experience of our lives!

Love works through us, with us and for us and we are this love!  :) Lisa Brockwell